Thursday, October 11, 2018

Medium Wave Transmission Goes Big

TWR Bonaire towers at night
How operators are minimizing future operating costs through large broadcast facilities
Wendall Lonegan
05 Oct 2018

Nautel was recently closely involved in the formation of two of the largest medium wave transmitting facilities in their respective regions.

The first is a 400 kW broadcast site in Bonaire, an island municipality of the Netherlands operating a Nautel NX400 transmitter. The second is a 2 MW site in Solt, Hungary, a small community about an hour South of Budapest, operating five NX400 transmitters through a sophisticated combiner.

A Closer Look
So, why operate such large broadcast facilities? And how do they minimize future operating costs?

The Bonaire site is owned by Trans World Radio and broadcasts a Christian program, which has a strong listenership in the Caribbean Islands, Central America and northern countries in South America.

Additional story at Radio World: 
(The author is head of broadcast sales for Nautel)
(photo credit: TWR)