Sunday, October 28, 2018

Radio Matters. Here's Why

The medium’s ability to adapt to change and new technologies will ensure its place for decades to come
Chuck Kelly, 22 Oct 2018

The author is regional sales manager Asia/Pacific for Nautel.

Ever since the inception of radio, nearly 100 years ago, pundits have been predicting its demise. Time and time again, the predictions fail because radio is one of the most adaptable technologies in the marketplace and continues to fill important niches for consumers.

For example, when television became a strong market force after World War II, radio was pushed out of its front and center living room position in the home. Radio responded by adapting to the mobile and portable environment. Today, the pundits are saying that streaming technologies are going to destroy radio, but radio is adapting around this challenge as well, offering streaming options as well as over-the-air programming.

And, so far, streaming has not overtaken radio as a primary engagement platform. According to United States Ratings giant Nielsen, more Americans still tune to AM/FM radio than any other platform, and 93 percent of U.S. adults listen to radio every week — “more than those watching television or using a smartphone, TV connected device, tablet or PC,” they say.

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The author is regional sales manager Asia/Pacific for Nautel.