Thursday, October 11, 2018

Radio Grades Itself After the Storm

Hurricane Michael 2018
Radio Ink
11 Oct 2018

We were able to monitor the radio coverage of Hurricane Michael all day long Wednesday on both iHeartRadio and Tune-In, depending on which radio station or company we wanted to listen to, as radio stations went wall-to-wall once the storm approached landfall. Late last night we reached out to three managers to get their assessment on how their teams performed.

We spoke to Kevin Malone, the Market Manager for Community Broadcasters who was in Ft. Walton Beach when the storm hit. Paul Rogers is President for iHeartMedia in Panama City iHeartMedia, which has about 80 stations in the markets affected by Michael. And Doug Hamand is Vice President Programming Operations for Cumulus which owns 5 stations in Tallahassee, 5 in Ft. Walton Beach-Destin, 5 in Pensacola and 5 in Mobile.

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