Thursday, October 11, 2018

.radio Internet Domain Grows as New Stations Launch

.radio domain logo (EBU)

Approximately 2,500 domains registered in the first year of new EBU-operated domain
Will jackson, 02 October 2018

GENEVA — Nearly 2,500 .radio domains have been registered since the launch of the new Top Level Domain (TLD) in August 2017.

ICANN, which manages internet domain names and IP addresses, granted the new .radio TLD in July 2016. It can be used for web and email addresses, and is managed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) with the support of other world broadcasting unions. The .radio domain is reserved for the exclusive use of the radio sector, broadcasters, internet radio stations, people working in radio, companies supplying goods and services to the industry, along with radio amateurs.


Prices for .radio domains depend on the registrar, however for individuals, a .radio domain is

likely to cost around €25 (US$30), or for companies, around €220 (US$255). To prevent “cyber-squatting,” applications for domains are checked by the EBU .radio team to ensure they meet the required criteria.

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