Thursday, December 05, 2013

BBG Expands Collaboration with Leading International Media

December 5, 2013
Paris, France - Representatives of leading government-supported international media organizations known collectively as the DG7 agreed to expand collaboration on research - both into technologies and about audiences - and to reduce costs where possible on shortwave and satellite transmissions.
Officials from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Deutsche Welle, France M├ędias Monde, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and Radio Netherlands Worldwide assembled in Paris on Dec. 2-3.  Board members Michael Meehan and Matt Armstrong attended from the BBG.

"We can tackle challenges that cross international boundaries with greater success working as a group," observed BBG Governor Meehan. "Importantly, our tech teams will gather in Bonn in January 2014 to dig into this cost-saving effort."  
Following the DG7 meeting, the group held a second round of discussions on Dec. 4 on information freedom and collaboration on Internet anti-censorship programs as a follow-up to its May 2013 meeting held in Brussels.      
"I am pleased with the increasing collaboration on Internet circumvention programs and the pledges to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in areas of shared interest, including the use of shortwave broadcasting." said BBG Governor Armstrong. "As information freedom continues to be attacked in the more than 100 countries we serve, the BBG must work creatively and cooperatively with these valuable partners, who all have very complimentary missions, to achieve our shared goals."      
In November, the DG7 called upon the UN Security Council to stand up against media suppression and urge governments to bring to justice those who harm journalists and media workers.