Friday, December 20, 2013

WRN Program Schedule

Welcome to the last edition of the WRN Newsletter providing details of upcoming programs that can be heard on the World Radio Network.

WRN Broadcast has announced that as part of the company’s continued growth strategy it will be refocusing its seven international radio networks to concentrate on the core service regions.  As a result the French and German Networks will cease broadcasting from midnight 31 December 2013, and the web-based stations audio on-demand and podcasting service will cease on 16 December 2013. This Newsletter will also close with the last edition published on 20 December 2013.

WRN is pleased to offer a free desktop Widget that streams all of the WRN radio services. To find out more, visit the tools section on the WRN website. The WRN website also provides schedule and ways to listen information as well as details about our partner broadcasters including links to their websites.

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Sunday December 22: A Prairie Home Companion
 This week on A Prairie Home Companion from The Town Hall in New York City, join Garrison Keillor with special guests, pianist Rob Fisher, Bensonhurst carolers The DiGiallonardo Sisters, and vocalists Heather Masse and Aoife O'Donovan. Plus, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, musical director Rich Dworsky with the Saturday Night Band (Richard Kriehn, Dean Magraw, Ray Marchica, and Gary Raynor) and the latest news from Lake Wobegon.

Broadcast times:
In Europe:                       Sun 1100 UTC / 1200 CET

Asia Calling
Saturday December 21: Asia Calling
 Asia Calling is a weekly current affairs programme produced in Jakarta by Indonesia’s only independent radio network KBR68H.

Broadcast times:
In Europe:                      Sat 1500 UTC / 1600 CET
In North America:               Sat 1100 EST / 0800 PST
In Africa & the Middle East:    Sat 0700 UTC / 0900 CAT
In Asia & the Pacific:          Sat 0700 UTC / 1800 AEDT

Radio Guangdong
 Saturday December 21/Sunday December 22. Radio Guangdong
Radio Guangdong, established in October 1949, is a leading radio group in south China.  Radio Guangdong programs cover political, economic, social and cultural issues; programs about Guangdong, programs about Guangdong people and programs linking Guangdong with the world.

In the program this week: Where are China's charities and how do they compare to the rest of the world?  China Chat answers these questions with Asha Hoffman from the Netherlands, Matt Horn from the UK, and Yuzi Zhu from China. Following a piece of Guangdong music, a review of what has been happening in Guangdong this past week.

Broadcast times:
In Europe:                     Sat 2030 UTC / 2130 CET      
In North America:              Sat 2130 EST / 1830 PST
In Africa & the Middle East:   Sat 1730 UTC / 1930 CAT                                                                      
In Asia & the Pacific:         Sun 2300 UTC / Mon 1000 AEDT

Radio New Zealand International
Saturday December 21: Radio New Zealand International Dateline Pacific

RNZI is New Zealand's only shortwave station, broadcasting to the Island nations of the Pacific. Its broadcasts range from Papua New Guinea in the west across to French Polynesia in the east, covering all South Pacific countries in between.

In the programthis week: The Solomon Islands' maritime safety authority is expected to lay charges over this week's ferry sinking; a New Zealand academic looks at how Papua New Guinea can ensure its resource wealth is used to benefit all; the International Commission of Jurists calls for an official inquiry into West Papua's Biak massacre; and in sport, the Papua New Guinea Government signals a funding boost for cricket.

Broadcast times:
In Europe:                      Sat 0400 UTC / 0500 CET
In North America:               Sat 1000 EST / 0700 PST