Tuesday, December 10, 2013

QSL Report

HCJB Australia, 15490 kHz. E-QSL received in five days for report to english@hcjb.org.au (Sam Wright, MS)

OEH2601-Johanniter Hohe Wand, 3628 kHz. Verified with a full data card in five days via OE3GKB. Station heard during AOEC. (Patrock Robis, Austria/UDXF)
OEY201, Bundesheer Salzburg/Wals, 3737,5 kHz. Full data QSL card via OE2VRM. Received in 253 day (Robic).

Bible Voice via Kostinbrod, 9635 kHz. Full data E-QSL for report to mail@bvbroadcasting.org (Wright).

Costa Rica
Radio Exterior Espana 11815 kHz. Anniversary card, unsigned, received via snail mail. Received in 91 days. Report to: ree@tve.es (Sam Wright, MS)

Atlantic 2000 International via MVBR, 9480 kHz. Special QSL for 31st Anniversary. Received in two weeks for e-report to atlantic2000international@gmail.com (Hillton)
Radio Free Asia relay 15140 kHz. Full data QSL received ib 60 days for report sent to qsl@rfa.org (J. Belton, WA).

St. Munchin's Church rockhill, 27765 kHz. Verified with a personal letter, Signed by Very Rev. Desmond McAuliffe, plus signed/stamped my prepared card. Received in six days. QSL address: Parochial House, Rockhill, Breree, Co., Limerick. (Robic)
SS Peter & Paul Church Balbriggan, 27755 kHz. Verified with signed prepared QSL card in 27 days. QSL address: The Presbytery, Dublin Rd., Balbriggan, Co. DUblin, Oreland
St. John the Baptist Church Kinsalem 27791 kHz. Verified with signed prepared QSL card by Fr. Young in 12 days. QSL addressL Parish Office, Frenchfield, Lower Catholic Walk, Kinsale, Co.
Cook, Ireland. (Robic).
Daniel O'Connell Memorial Church Cahersiveen, 27601 kHz. Verified with no-data card, and signed and stamped by Canon William Crean. He will not be there in the future, as Pope
Benedict appointed him as Bishop of Cloyne. (Robic).

Associazione Amici Italcable, 10000 kHz. Verified in partial data QSL card. Received in 30 days. QSl address: Via del Borgo 6, 55049 Viareggio (LU), Italy. (Robic)

Juan Fernandez
ONEMI-Juan Fernandez, 17426 kHz. Verified with no-data email response from Vladimir Maturana via the regions 5 Headquarters in Valparaiso onemi@gorevalpaiso.cl (Robic).

Marianas Islands
Vatican Radio relay via Tinian, 15595 kHz. Full data E-QSL. Received in three weeks for e-report to gestfreq@vaticanradio.va (Wright)

New Zealand
ZWAK Auckland Radio/Volmet, 6679 kHz USB. Full data personal letter, with illegible signature. Received in 36 days. (Wright)

Ship Traffic
IWA: NRTF-USCG Cutter Active (WMEC-618), 7527 kHz ALE, with a partial data QSl, prepared QSL card and souvenir ship patch. Received in 134 days after report follow-up. ACTIVE regularly patrol in the Pacfic Ocean and conduct Maritime Law Enforcement and SAR Operations. Homeport: Port Angeles, Washington. (Andreas Ibold, Germany/UDXF)
IWA: FNEH-Kalliste (Ferry), MMSI 227202000, 2187.5 kHz DSC. Partial data QSL, prepared QSL card verified and viewcard. Received in 22 days. SHip position: 43 00 N 003 40 E.
IWA: C4P2-Ulysses (Ferry), MMSI 209952000, 2187.5 kHz DSC. Partial data QSL and verified prepared QSL card. Received in 56 days. Ship position: Holy Head Port, United Kingdom 53 19, N  004 37,2 W (Ibold)
IWA: 3FIM5-City of St. petersburg (Vehicle Carrier), MMSI 353083000, 2187, 5 kHz DSC. Received prepared QSL verified in 34 days (Ibold).

TDF/Radio Algerienne via Issoudun, France, 7295 kHz. Full data scenery card of Tunisia received in three months. QSL address: 106 Avenue Marx Dormoy, 92541 Montrouge Cedex, France.(Frank Hillton, SC)

United Kingdom
Church of the Immaculate Conception Ballygawley, 27741 kHz. Verified with a stamped prepared QSL card. Received in 13 days. QSL address: Parochial House, 115 Omagh Rd., Bayyygawley, Dunngannon, Co Tyrone BT70 2AG, UK. (Robic)
Radio Joystick via Issoudun, France, 7330 kHz. E-QSL received in one day for e-report to radiojoystock@gmail.com (Hillton).

United States
AFA5QW-MARS Greenwood, In; 11098.5 kHz. Verified with a signed prepared QSL card. Received in ten days via WD9DVA-Edward J. Woods. (Robic).
NJT-21st Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, Fort Dix, NJ on 14885 kHz. Verified with an email report in two days (Robic).

NBL-NAVMARCORMARS Groton, 14391,5 kHz. Verified with full data QSL card. QSL address: Robert Veth, Director Region One, 4 Lantern Lane, Chelmsford, MA 01824-1316 USA. (Robic).

XVN-Nha Trang Radio, 8414.5 kHz. Verified with a signed prepared QSL card in 68 days (Robic).