Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monitoring Times-December QSL Report column

Monitoring Times has ceased publication, however, this is my last printed column with the magazine, December 2013 

New projects for the radio hobbyist
            Thank you to all that have read, written, or contributed to this column. I have corresponded with many amazing people from my  association with Monitoring Times. It has been a pleasure to meet many of you at our former MT conventions.
            Though I am involved in many outside activities, I plan to continue my work in the radio hobby. Look for continued radio-related postings on my Shortwave Central blog at You are also welcome to follow me on Twitter at: Gayle Van Horn @ QSLRptMT for last minute tips or breaking news.
            I will continue to publish the by-hour, multilingual frequency guide, renamed the  International Shortwave Broadcast Guide and published by Teak Publishing. This is an exciting development for Larry and I, and we hope you will take advantage of this new source to compliment your listening time. For complete in-depth details, please refer to this month’s What’s New edition. Look for continued announcements on our blogs as we expand our publishing projects.
            Kind regards to all, and I hope to hear from you again.
Gayle Van Horn  

Rádio Educação Rural De Tefé, 4925.24 kHz. Full data QSL card, signed by Thomas Schwamborn. Received in 32 days for a Portuguese report and mint stamps. Station address: Praça Santa Tereza, 283 69470-000 Tefé, AM Brasil (Frank Hillton, Charleston, SC) Website: Email:
Rádio Inconfidência, 15190 kHz. Full data QSLs in 21 months, for multiple reports by postal mail and email from Marco Antônio P. Coelho, Técnico.  Station address: Av Raja Gabáglia, 1666-Gutierrez, 30441-194 Belo Horizonte, Brasil ((Artur Fernandez Llorella/HCDX) Email: (or)
Vechte Welle/Delux FM 3985 kHz, via Radio 700. Full data QSL and station info sheet. Received in five weeks. QSL address: Ems-Vechte-Welle, z.H.d., Mathias Volta, Halle IV, Kaiserstrasse 10a, D-49809 Lingen, Germany. (Llorella)

Hungary-Dankó Rádió, 1251 kHz AM. Full data verification letter, signed by Miklós Kenderessy, Director Technical Department. Received in one month for an AM report. Station address: Kunigunda útja 64, H-1037 Budapest. (Llorella)
Morocco-Radio Melilla 1485 kHz AM. Station stamp and seal noted with “reception ok” on original report, signed by Antonia Ramos Pelaez, Directora. Received in 594 days from original Spanish report with mint stamps. Station address: Muella Ribera s/n, E-52005 Melilla, Morocco (Al Munick, PA/HCDX) If using the NASWA Country List, this station counts as Spanish Morocco.
USA-KSEY, 1230 kHz AM. Full data Cowboy Boot/Horseback Rider card, signed by James T. Pogue, QSL Manager. Received in 69 days for a SASE (used), plus KH2AR ham card. QSL was for a DX Test. QSL address: Box 3777, Memphis, TN 38173-0777 (Bill Wilkins, Springfield, MO) Station is licensed to serve Seymour, Texas and broadcast a sports talk format to the greater Wichita Falls, Texas. Sister station is KSEY-FM
WQQK643, 1700 kHz AM. Received a City of Happy Valley folding card, signed by Edith Foteff, Community Liasion. Received in 150 days for an AM report. QSL address: 16000 SE Misty Drive, Happy Valley, OR 97086. MW QSL # 3,037 (Patrick Martin, Seaside, OR) This is a community service radio station The WQQK call sign is actually licensed by the FCC to a microwave service in Shenadoah, Virginia.
WTAD, 930 kHz AM. Original reception report returned with “Confirmed” written at bottom, signed by Michael J. Moyers Sr., VP/General Manager. Received in six days for an AM report, address label (used) and $1.00 US. Station address: 329 Maine St., Quincy, IL 62301 (Wilkins).

Wantok Radio Light, 7325 kHz. Personal letter signed by Dorish Asang, (Administration Receptionist) Mr. Alois Ok, (Business Manager) and Joel Dopo (RF Technician), plus a full data QSL card. Received in 183 days for an mp3 CD of recorded programming, and return mint postage. QSL address: P.O. Box 1273, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea (Patrick Robic, Austria/WWDXC Top News).
Radio City-The Station of the Cars 7290 kHz via Tigandesti, Romania. Full data E-QSL which included a two page history and information on the station. Received in 20 minutes for an English report to Van Horn, NC) The station’s DJ presents an oldies based format of European off-shore tunes, cruising music, album tracks, hits from the U.S. and more.   
Croatia-MRCC Rijeka 2187.5 kHz. Full data ship card and prepared QSL verified. Received in 47 days after follow up. QSL address: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Harbour Master’s Office Rijeka, Senjsko pristaniste 3, Croatia (Andy/UDXF)
Czech Rep.-NDB “L” Praha/Liboc 372 kHz. Full data verification letter, signed by Jan Bernatzik. Photo of the transmitter and stickers enclosed. Received in 11 days for a utility report. QSL address: Air Navigation Services of Czech Republic, Administration ANS, Navigacni 787, 25261 Jenec, Czech Republic (Robic).
NDB “CK” Prerov 441 kHz. Full data verification letter, signed by 1LT Jan Zak, Frequency Manager. Received in 18 days. QSL address: National Radio Frequency Agency (NAFRA CZE), Ministry of Defence-1341, 16001 Praha 6, Czech Republic (Robic) Email:
Italy-NDB “FOG”340 kHz. Prepared QSL card signed by Giuliano Nardini and stamped as verified. Received in 11 days. QSL address: ENAV S.p.A., NAAV Foggia, Aeroporto Gino Lisa, Viale degli Aviatoria, 71100 Foggia, Italy (Robic).
USA-AFS9AZ, 14411 kHz. Full data Emergency Operations Center card, Papago Military Reservation, unsigned. Received in 22 days for utility report and SASE (used). Verification was for 2013 MARS Armed Forces Day Crossband test. Station address: AFS9AZ, Atten: Paul Swietek, 5427 E. Broadway Ave., Apache Junction, AZ 85119-9307 (Wilkins).
NPD, 7476.5 kHz LSB. Partial data Naval Support Activity Mid-South card, signed by A. H. Hillard. Received in 62 days for a SWL report and a SASE (used). QSL was for the 2013 Armed Forces Day Crossband test. Station address: Atten: Mr. A.H. Hilliard, 4237 Bacon St., Memphis, TN 38128 (Wilkins).