Sunday, October 01, 2017

India to continue DRM coverage

India "AIR is unable to put back the two [external service DRM] transmitters back to service due to non-availability of spares," says Yogendra Pal, Honorary Chair India Chapter, of the DRM Consortium, and citing official sources.  He adds, " These are high-power valve based transmitters.   AIR doesn't have valves used in the final stages of these transmitters, thus, is unable to operate these transmitters. They are unable to procure these valve so far."

Two 100 kW DRM SW transmitters by AIR have just been installed, according to Mr. Pal.  "They  are waiting for the testing cum commissioning team.  Both these 100 kW transmitters are expected to start carrying DRM service within a month," Mr Pal says.  (via Hans Johnson)