Friday, October 27, 2017

Shortwave Radiogram weekend schedule

Hello friends,

Many shortwave broadcasting stations will change frequencies this weekend, but the frequencies and UTC times of the four Shortwave Radiogram transmissions remain the same, and least for the time being. See the schedule below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in last weekend’s test of the ISO-8859-5 character set. If you have not done so, you might want to change your Fldigi character set back to UTF-8, as that the character set we will be using most often. 

For the most part, we were able to speed up the transmission of Russian text. For some listeners, the Cyrillic characters did not display, even after changing to ISO-8859-5. This might be due to the lack of a necessary font in the operating system.

From analysis by Roger in Germany, we learn that the use of ISO-8859-5 “in Internet and in other practice is very limited.” So in our future experiments with Russian and other Cyrillic alphabets, we might try the CP1251 or KOI8 character sets instead.

This weekend on Shortwave Radiogram, all content will be in MFSK32, with six images, and no unusual character sets.

Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 19, 28-29 October 2017 all in MFSK32:

 1:26  Program preview

 2:31  Origami for space engineering*

 9:18  Twitter bans RT and Sputnik ads*

14:18  Tennessee Radio Shack hosts ham license classes*

17:07  Defense Department interoperability exercise*

22:57  World Series 2017*

25:52  Closing announcements*

* with image

Please send reception reports to

Twitter: @SWRadiogram

Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule

1600-1630 UTC
9400 kHz
Space Line, Bulgaria
0600-0630 UTC
7730 kHz
WRMI Florida
2030-2100 UTC
11580 kHz
WRMI Florida
2330-2400 UTC
11580 kHz
WRMI Florida

The Mighty KBC transmits to Europe Saturdays at 1500-1600 UTC on 9400 kHz (via Bulgaria), with the minute of MFSK32 at about 1530 UTC (if you are outside of Europe, listen via ).  And to North America Sundays at 0000-0200 UTC (Saturday 8-10 pm EDT) on 5960 kHz, via Germany. The minute of MFSK32 is at about 0130 UTC.  Reports to Eric: . See also and

Italian Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)  For the complete IBC transmission schedule visit  Five minutes of MFSK32 is at the end of the 30-minute English-language “Shortwave Panorama,” per the schedule below:

To Europe:

WEDNESDAY 20-20.30 UTC 1584 KHZ

THURSDAY 03-03.30 UTC 1584 KHZ

SATURDAY 21-21.30 UTC 1584 KHZ

SUNDAY 11.30-12 UTC 6070 KHZ

To the Americas (from 6 November):

TUESDAY 01-01.30 UTC 11580 KHZ

FRIDAY 02-02.30 UTC 9955 KHZ

SATURDAY 01.30-02 UTC 11580 KHZ

SUNDAY 00.30-01 UTC 7730 KHZ

Thanks for your reception reports! 


Kim Andrew Elliott, KD9XB

Producer and Presenter