Monday, October 16, 2017

Isle of Music and Uncle Bill's Melting Pot schedules, October 15-21

From the Isle of Music, Oct 15-21:
This week, our special guest is William Borrego, whose debut solo album Acerca el Oido was awarded a Cubadisco in 2017 in the Conjuntos y Otros Formatos category as well as nominated for another one in the Opera Prima (best new artist) category, AND he sings in, also nominated in Conjuntos y Otros Formatos. We will listen to a lot of music from that category as well as a couple of surprises.
Four opportunities to listen on shortwave:
1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere (including parts of East Asia and Oceania) with 100Kw, Sunday 1500-1600 UTC on SpaceLine, 9400 KHz, from Kostinbrod, Bulgaria (1800-1900 MSK)
2. For the Americas and parts of Europe, Tuesday 0000-0100 UTC on WBCQ, 7490 KHz from Monticello, ME, USA (Monday 8-9PM EDT in the US)
3 & 4. For Europe and sometimes beyond, Tuesday 1900-2000 UTC and Saturday 1200-1300 UTC on Channel 292, 6070 KHz from Rohrbach, Germany.

Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, Oct 15
It's Greek Week!
Episode 32 of
Uncle Bill's Melting Pot will be mostly some absolutely sublime Greek music. If you listen to VOG even though you don't speak a word of Greek, this episode's for you. You bring the Ouzo, we'll bring the music.
Sunday, October 15 at 2200-2230 UTC (6:00pm-6:30pm EDT US) on WBCQ 7490 Khz.

(William "Bill" Tilford, Owner/Producer)