Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blog Logs - Alaska on mediumwave

From our regular Monitoring Times contributor, Patrick Martin, comes his latest loggings of Alaska on medium wave. Great going Patrick, too bad we can't hear Alaska from our location.

550 KTZN AK, Anchorage, "The Zone" Good o/u KOAC Corvallis onpeaks with slogans as "The Zone", ads for auto parts, promos for sportson The Zone at 0335 EDT 9/16 (PM-OR)

560 KVOK AK, Kodiak, fair on top and mixing with KSFO with C&W mx,man said "Tune in tomorrow for ?? on 560, KVOK" at 0347 EDT 9/16 (PM-OR)

620 KGTL AK, Homer, good to fair mixing and on top of KPOJPortland with Adult Standards ID at 0259.50 EDT 9/16 "KGTL Homer,Alaska" into Network news (PM-OR)

640 KYUK AK, Bethel, good and all alone on the freq for a time,no KFI, KYUK usual HS rock show hosted by native sounding ancr gave PSAfor Native Alaskans in SW Alaska, followed by "You are tuned to KYUK inBethel Alaska" at 0257 EDT 9/16. (PM-OR)

700 KBYR AK, Anchorage good and dominant with talk at 0305 EDT9/16 mentioned KBYR. (PM-OR)

850 KICY AK, Nome good with woman in Russian at 0335 EDT 9/16.(PM-OR)

1110 KAGV AK, Big Lake, good and dominant over KBND Bend and KAOIKihei, Maui Hawaii with end of rel. pgm and ID at 0230 EDT 9/16 "This is Alaska's Gospel Voice, KAGV" (PM-OR)

1110 KAOI HI, Kihei, Maui, good on top at times 0335 EDT 9/16,with ads promoing KAOI and Maui several times. (PM-OR)Drake R8WNW EWE Antenna

(P. Martin, Oregon)