Tuesday, September 26, 2006

HCJB Australia - English schedule

The following English schedule should extend a few more weeks until the B06 winter frequency adjustments.
All times UTC, kHz, Target Areas: as (Asia) pa (Pacific) All programming daily unless otherwise stated.

0000-0030 15405as 15525as
0145-0200 15405as (Wednesday)
0700-0800 11750pa
0800-0900 11750pa
1000-1100 15400as 15540as
1100-1130 15540as
1130-1200 15425as (Monday-Saturday)
1300-1315 15435as (Wednesday)
1300-1330 15400as
1330-1400 15435as (Sunday)
2330-0000 15390as
(Source: F. Hillton, SC/L. Van Horn, NC)