Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Logs

Thanks to Brandon Jordan for sending in the following logging contributions from Memphis, Tennessee. Best of DX!

All times UTC
4949.96, (t) R Angola 'Canal A', Mulenvos, Aug 28 0350 - decent strength signal but poor modulation, very little audio heard. Transmitter off at 0354 and back at 0407. No 0511 UTC sunrise at transmitter enhancement noted, and carrier faded below noise floor at 0600 UTC (Jordan-TN)

5024.94, (t) R Parakou, Parakou, AUg 28 0447 - perhaps the one here turning transmitter on at 0447 while Rebelde was off. Unfortunately Rebelde back at 0500 w/ OC until 0510, then into broadcast. (Jordan-TN)

4930.00, VOA, Selebi-Phikwe, Aug 28 0350-0602* - fair signal with English VOA programming. Carrier still visible above noise floor to verify 0602* s/off. (Jordan-TN)

5030.01, R Burkina, Ouagadougou, Aug 28 *0538 - s-on with traditional African vocal then into news by man in French at 0542. More local music/drums at 0550. Female announcer at 0600 with Radio Burkina ID and announcements. Surprisingly good despite co-channel University Network on 5030.02.(Jordan-TN)

5066.34, (p) R Candip, Bunia, Aug 28 *0402 - S-on with traditional African vocal by female into talk by man in possibly French at 0405, inaudible from 0410. Threshold audio, best at s/on and steadily fading as Bunia sunrise was 0357 UTC. (Jordan-TN)

5005.00, R Bata, Bata, Aug 28 - no sign of R Bata here at listed 0500 s/on or after. (Jordan-TN)

5010.7v, (p) R Malagasy, Antananarivo, Aug 28 0350 - easy going island sounding vocals, male announcer in lang at 0400. Mainly poor, transmitter steadily drifting from 5010.79 at tune in down to 5010.72 by 0500. Station stayed on past listed 0500 s/off. (Jordan-TN)

4960.00, VOA, Pinheira, 0350 - OOC at tune-in, Yankee Doodle IS at 0359 into English VOA programming, Hausa at 0500, French at 0530 and still weakly audible at 0630*. Transmitter back on at 0638 w/ OC but much too weak for audio at listed 0700 Hausa. (Jordan-TN)

4975.97, R Uganda, Kampala, Aug 28 0350-0533* - English programming from tune-in, lots of monologues by male then female. Slowly fading down beginning 0415, possible Swahili. Carrier still visible above noise floor to verify 0533* s/off. (Jordan-TN)
5026.00, R Uganda, Kampala, Aug 28 - no sign of R Uganda here in quite a while. (Jordan-TN)

4965.00, Voice Africa, Lusaka, Aug 28 0350-0556* - English with various music and African news at 0400 and 0500. Fair to poor as signal began slowly fading from 0500. CODAR less bothersome in LSB. (Jordan-TN)