Wednesday, August 29, 2007

XM/SIRIUS regulatory approvals said to be in final phase

XM/SIRIUS regulatory approvals said to be in final phase; lawyers skeptical about positive
implications from Whole Foods/Wild Oats approval

By Nadia Damouni and Bhavna Kaul in New York
Published: August 27 2007 23:24 Last updated: August 27 2007 23:24
The two main regulatory approvals needed to clear the XM Satellite Radio Holdings and SIRIUS Satellite Radio merger are believed to be in their final phase, it is understood. It is also understood, however, that the process could still take several months.

Meanwhile, lawyers interviewed for this article are skeptical as to whether the recent green light given to Whole Foods and Wild Oats by anti-trust regulators has any positive implications for this transaction.
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