Monday, August 20, 2007

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

Liquid Radio 6925AM 23:35 SIO 121 Faint signal in heavy static. dance music, opconfirmed signal via FRN. (Ragnar)

Radio 6X (ID via the FRN Vines Ace logging page) 6935AM 8/11 0018-0158 Very weak signal (121), just made out the 50's type music play. Strong interference from a utility station.(Majewski CT)

Radio is My Friend 6850AM 8/16 00:55 Talking about what he can see from his room at the Cherokee Mental Asylum in Cherokee Iowa, "My Friend is Radio", been here 26 years, wind blowing through the trees (Fansome, PA)

Northwoods Radio, 6925 USB, 0106-0120, 6 August 07.Rock music, IDs by male announcer. [Lobdell-MA]

The Crystal Ship 6875AM/5386AM 8/14 1:08 sio222 "Roundabout", other Yes. Sounding a bit stronger playing Neil Young in parallel to 6875 on 5386AM. (Fansome PA)6851a 8/13 1:04 sio333 "Walk This Way", some data station interference,other Aerosmith, then faded away, ID via #pirateradio (Fansome, PA) Truck Driving Man6925USB 8/12 1740-1815+ SIO=141/141+. Apparent new station. I assume that this was the ID, and not just repeated mention of the OM announcer's name. Program of various instrumental pop oldies. The format was announced as a station that plays instrumental music. No address announced. Weak but copied reasonably well on peaks. (Zeller-OH)

WHYP (relay) 6925USB 8/12 0058-0108* Relay of an old WHYP Happy Holiday show. Hada song to Alan Maxwell of KIPM. Once again, bad conditions (121 Majewski CT)

Weekend Music Radio, 6401 AM, 2320-0130+. 4/5 August. Usual fare with a couple of DJs, including Jack Russel. Oldies "Suspicious Minds" byElvis, Macey Grey, etc. [Lobdell-MA]
(Source: Free Radio Weekly via Greg Majewski)