Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UK pirate operators gather for anti-crime cause

A remarkable event took place in London yesterday, when DJs from more than 20 pirate radio stations in the UK gathered together at the launch of the Don’t Trigger Campaign in South London, designed to take a stand against gun and knife crime. The rise in teenage killings and gang murders is a major source of concern in Britain, and it’s said that the communities worst affected are often the ones where the pirate radio stations are located. Some observers claim that the type of music transmitted by these stations encourages gun and knife crime.
Although the police have the power to detain and arrest those involved in illegal broadcasting, they have chosen instead to cooperate with the pirate stations involved in the campaign, realising that they are acting for the greater good. This is all the more remarkable as at least some of the UK’s 150 pirate stations are believed to be run by criminal gangs, that use them as a front to run drugs operations. Indeed, the police have even helped to create anti-gun-crime adverts especially for the pirate stations.
Don’t Trigger ‘07
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)