Monday, August 13, 2007

You Simply Have To Be There

I can’t overstate this: you simply have to be there for the August 14th Sean Hannity Freedom Concert.

I know, we’ve spent months hyping this thing, and you’ve probably gathered by now that it’s going to be a big deal.

In fact, by now it’s probably a fairly sure thing: you’re either going or you’re not. So why a big plug from me right now?

Two reasons: as you read this, you may not think you’re going. But I want to put you in the building in two possible ways: some last-minute contests and an on-air pre-show you will not want to miss.

First, an overview of what will happen that night based on how the shows have gone so far:

Attendees will get a snootful of some wonderful music. It just so happens that one of the hottest acts in country today is on board for the Hannity tour, and that’s Montgomery Gentry, named for Kentuckians Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry.
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