Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Logs - pirate radio

All times UTC

The following pirate logs represent a sampling of stations being logged by the pirate chasers from Free Radio Weekly.

Captain Morgan
12/6, 2152-2217, 6926.1/USB. Pop tunes cut short and Twilight Zone theme. Feature on early radio commercials. SIO=454. ID per Twilight Zone theme & FRN posts--never heard an ID. (Frodge-MI) 12/6, 2155-2230, 6926/USB. SINPO 35434 Tuned in to the Captains twilight zone theme music then electronic music, Rawhide!, Talk about radio and the power of commercial jingles, played the very 1st jingle ever a quartet singing about Wheaties. many twilight zone theme & Captain Morgan clips. (Ragnar-MI)

Dit Dah Radio
6925 USB, 1554-1602*, 11-27-08 Morse Code IDs. Vocal music from the '40's, 50's by lady announcer, program suddenly. No voice announcements SIO: 333 [Lobdell-MA)

Gospel Radio for America/Antarctica
Box 146 Stoneham, MA 02180)12/7, 1401-1419:19*, 6925.1/AM; I heard "America" but have seen this reported as "Antarctica". Obscure rock tunes including Pearl Jam. Lost in Space bit. QSL via FRN posts or Stoneham drop. SIO=2+52+. Overmod made copy tough. (Frodge-MI)

James Bond Radio
6925USB 11/22 1755-1800 SIO=141/242. Some audio tunes from James Bond movies, including an ID of "James Bond" by announcer at 1758. Poorly copied due to very weak signal. (G. Zeller, OH)

Northwoods Radio
6925USB 11/26 2025 Northwoods Radio broadcasting freedom from the Great Lakes, . Spirit of the Wild and Fred Bear by Ted Nugent (Hertz)

Rodent Revolution Reinforcement Team
6925USB 11/25 0245 to 0255 Steve Miller Song For Our Ancestors Rodent Revolution Reinforcement Team calling all monkey boys find all the small shiny objects your paws can hold and build a gigantic shrine to Cmdr Bunny (Hertz)

Sycko Radio
6925USB 11/30 2130-2150+ Good Signal. Right after WMR started Mr. Turkey and comedy Christmas Carols, Then gave a Psycho Radio identification. A show of Psycho's usual madness. (Majewski CT)

Voice of Prozac
12/6, 1704-1730:13*, 6954.88/AM. Mix of comedy bits and very blue Xmas tunes. Many IDs; QSL via . Strong with some distortion, but easily copied. (Frodge-MI)

6925 USB, 1926-1940+ 11-29-08 Assuming this was WBNY as Commander Bunny was lamenting about the assassination attempt on his life on election day and how the election was stolen by the Obama Camp. Said keep your Bumper Stickers on for the 2012 election as he will run again! SIO: 333 [Lobdell-MA]

We Monkey Radio (WMR)
6925USB 11/30 2122-2129* Good Signal. Started with WMR identification followed by short songs. The announcer said "We Keep the songs short so monkey not lose interest". Had a banana break and then signed off. (Majewski CT)

Wolverine Radio
6925 kHz USB, 11/25, 0118-0159. Tunes of Born to be wild, Purple Haze, You Wear it Well, Little Red Riding Hood, Pleasant Valley Sunday and the Youngbloods tune Get Together. SINPO=25343. Intermittent machine-gun QRM after 0130. (John Poet- Mid Michigan)
(Source: FRW 668, 669, 670)

additional log
6925USB Wolverine Radio. 0246-0310. 13 Dec 08. English. ID at 0252 as “Wolverine Radio.” Music from the 1970’s thru the 1990’s featuring the Hollies, The Police, Steely Dan, CCR and many others. Very good signal strength but lousy propagation. Poor. (Wood, TN).

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