Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Blog Logs

Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent a portion of additional logs recently cut from my SWBC Logs column in Monitoring Times, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to the contributors for your kind words and support.

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - sign-off *

Radio Nacional 4950, 0212-0233. Portuguese text to continuous Portuguese music ballads thru 0230. No ID or station announcement noted. Signal poor-weak. (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Yura 4716.7, 2347-0002. Spanish. Announcers text and talk to station ID at 0000. Signal poor but improving. Subsequent log at 0113-0118 (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Anhanguera 6080, 0015-0030. Station noted under HCJB with Portuguese comments and Bras music. Siganl poor with mixing noted. (C Bolland, FL)

Radio Bandeirantes 6089.95, 0105-0120. Station from São Paulo, observing Anguilla off the air leaving this station in the clear. Portuguese talk to station ads, jingles and sound effects. Fair signal. Noted also on // 9645.29 very weak. (B Alexander, PA)

Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicais 4845, 0958-1010. Caught their national anthem to 0958 to 1000. This was immediately followed with a canned ID as "...Radio.....Ondas Tropicais..., then into music. Signal quality fair. (C Bolland, FL).

Radio Senado Brasilia, 5990, 0937-1000. Portuguese text from announcers for signal at tune-in. Signal was a total mess by 1000 with 5985 WYFR signal splatter. )S Barbour, NH).

LV Guaviare 6035, 0250-0303.* Local romantic musical ballads to Spanish talks. Closing statio ID announcement at 0259. National anthem at 0301 amid poor-fair signal quality. Fair-poor signal with weak co-channel QRM from BBC World Service. (B Alexander, PA).

Radio Nacional de Venezuela 6060, 1100. Program Politics and the Environment noted in Spanish/English. SIO 353. (B. Fraser, ME)

Radio Djibouti 4780, *0301-0325. Sign-on with brief national anthem followed by opening Arabic announcements. Holy Koran recitations to Arabic announcemensts and Horn of Africa style music at 0324. Signal poor to fair. (B Alexander, PA).

Equatorial Guinea
Radio Africa 15190, 1120-1125. English religious programming. Fair level but muffled and distorted audio. Also heard at 2045 with somewhat distorted and muffled audio. (B Alexander, PA).

Radio Nacional 6250, *0524-0540. Station sign-on with Spanish announcements into hi0life music. "Radio Malabo" identification at 0530. Signal fair-good. (B Alexander, PA).

HRMI Comayaguela, 3340, 0911-0917. Spanish/English. Male announcer's English religious text. Lady announcer's Spanish translation amid poor-fair signal quality. (S Barbour, NH)
3340, 0508-0528 in Spanish/English with religious services and scriptures. (J Woods, TN).

ELWA, Monrovia 6070, 2240-2302.* Gospel music to announcements at 2300. National anthem at 2302 amid poor signal quality with occasional weak co-channel QRM from CFRX and mixing with Chile-CVC at their 2300 sign-on. (B Alexander, PA).

Radio Mauritania 7245, *0852-0905. Arabic service including talk and announcements noted with low modulation. (B Alexander, PA).

XERTA Radio Transcontinental 4800, 0530-0621. Spanish. Continuous music during the entire reception with the exception of an ID at 0616. Music appears to havebeen before a live audience performance including English tunes. Poor signal quality. (J Wood, TN).

LV du Sahel 9705, 2101-2155.* Station audible after Ethiopia 9704.2 signed off. French talk and text to U.S. R&B tunes and French ballads. Phone chat to local drums at 1147. Flute melody at 2149 and Koran at 2151-2155. Signal weak but readable. (B Alexander, PA).

Radio Nigeria, Ikorodu, 15120, 1818-1838. Announcers talk to children's choir music. Station ID to time check into newcast. Signal poor-fair. (S Barbour, NH).

Voice of Nigeria 15120, 2050. report on fruit and vegetable harvest. Station off at 2100. (B Fraser, ME).

Papua New Guinea
Radio East New Britain 3385, 1104-1116. Announcer with continous talk. Signal weak but clear until large hetrodyne at 1116. (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Cultural (presumed) 4955, 0011-0020. Spanish. Announcer presents music tunes and talk during weak-poor signal quality. (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Huanta 2000, 4746.9, 0052-0111. Announcers Spanish banter which sounded like a call-in program. Program announcements at 0058 to bits of Quecha music. Back to announcers at 0102, and still going at tune-out. Signal poor-weak. (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Libertad Junin (presumed) 5039.3, *1030-1038. Spanish. Lengthy music ballad at signal (may have been a national anthem). Sign-on announcement followed by music at 1035, then signal rapidly deteriorating under band noise and my local sunrise. (S Barbour, NH).

Radio Sicuani, Sicuani 4826.4, 0910-0921. Spanish text and talk to Quecha music. Signal poor under relentless CODAR interference. (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Tarma 4755.05, 0030-0045. Very weak signal here with a male announcer in steady Spanish text. Plenty of QRM observed. (C Bolland, FL)

Radio Vision 4790.05, 0905-0915. Peruvian folk music to Spanish comments. Station ID at 0912. Poor signal quality. (B Alexander, PA).

Voice of Turkey 5960, 2300. Station sign-on ID to info. World news and press reviews. SIO 454. (B Fraser, ME)

UBC Kampala, 4975.9, 2144-2205. Continous Afro pops tunes, hammered by CODAR interference, Signal fair otherwise,. (S Barbour, NH).

RTZ 11735, 1940-2059.* East African music to lady announcer speaking in Swahili. Signal pips to 2000, followed by English newscast from Spice FM beginning with "it's 11:00 East African time." Ten-minute commentary to more music and Koran at 2055. Program closedown announcement at 2058 followed by anthem. Very enjoyable and a good signal building up to very good by 2058. (J Wilkins, CO).

Zimbabwe Broadcasting/Radio Zimbabwe. Observed a weak signal here with steady hi-life music. Heard comments about 0050, but not clear. Heard more comments at 0103. © Bolland, FL)

Brian Alexander, PA
Scott Barbour, NH
Chuck Bolland, FL
Bob Fraser, ME
John Wilkins, CO
Joe Wood, TN