Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blog Logs - pirate radio

Another look at what DXers are hearing from pirate operators during this holiday season
Gayle VH

All times UTC

Channel Z:
6925, 12/20, *1625-1645+ Nice midday signal with S7 peaks. On with B-52s “Channel Z.” A wide variety of Christmas music, including reggae, the Ramones, Patti Smith Group, etc. Faded out at very end. E-mail add & BRS add given for reports (Yoder,PA)

Northwoods Radio
6925USB, 12/20, *1526-1623 Great signal. Loon calls & IDs, into Christmas show. Missed most of it because I had to go, but I recorded it (Yoder,PA)

6210USB, 12/21, 1348-1408+ Great S7 signal. Parody Christmas music and lots of sound clips from movies, Rocky & Bullwinkle, etc. AC/DC parody “These are a few of My Fave Things,” “Santa Thing,” etc. (Yoder,PA)

6210USB, 12/21, 2101+ Repeat show with weak signal (Yoder,PA)
(Andrew Yoder/Cumbre DX)

Northwoods Radio
6925 USB, 1620-1626*, 12-20-08 comedy program about radio, according to a posting on the Free Radio Network it was called "Fessenden's Follies", ID and Loon calls at sign off. SIO: 232 [Lobdell-MA]

Channel Z
6925 AM, 1627-1710, 12-20-08 A rare one here, but heard withn nice AM signal, playing Christmas tunes such as "Mary's Boy Child" by Boney M., IDs, Blue Ridge Summit drop. SIO: 333 [Lobdell-MA]

Gospel For Antarctica,
6240 AM, 1519-1540+, 12-21-08, A new one for me. Rock music, IDs and the Stoneham, MA drop announced. SIO: 232 [Lobdell-MA]

6950 AM, 1845-1856, 12-21-08 Christmas music such as "Winter Wonderland", frequent singing NOEL IDs. SIO: 232 [Lobdell-MA]

6210 USB, 2150-2205, 12-21-08. Very funny show featuring a call in show with the only caller being Jay "Bozo" Smilkstein. An actual phone call between Jay & ?? Was used in the show. Jay was lamenting about his lack of money, run ins with the Mt. Kisco police and the need for a root canal. Well done Commander Bunny. SOIO: 343. [Lobdell-MA]
(Chris Lobdell, MA/SW-pirates)