Monday, December 29, 2008

Palestine amateur radio DXpedition planned

E4, PALESTINE. It was announced this past week that an Italian team of 6 operators were granted a license during the period of January 1-11th (2009).
The team will use the callsign E44M and will be active on 160-2 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and all the digital modes with a maximum power of 1KW. They will have 3 stations on the air active with beams, verticals and wire antennas. They state, “Even if early January is not a a good period for VHF, they will monitor 6 and 2 meters and try any contact.”
The team includes the following 6 members: Simone/IZ0BTV, Bello/IZ0EGM, Giorgio/IZ4AKS, Cortesi/IZ4DPV, Pasquale/IZ8IYX and Vini/IK2CIO. Operations will
be focused on RTTY and the other digital modes, as well as the low bands and 30/17/12 meters. They plan to pay special attention to stations outside Europe when the propagation will allow it. Pilot stations will be announced later. More news will be available in the next few weeks. A Web page is now active at: [Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #887 December 7, 2008/ODXA-Listening-In Jan 2009]

considering the ongoing conflict in this area, wonder if this DXpedition will actually occur. GVH