Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Czech pirate Radio Bila Hora annual New Years Eve programming

Our European blog readers, or those using a DX Tuner, should look for annual Czech pirate, Radio Bila Hora on shortwave 3333 kHz on December 31, 2008. Radio Bila Hora from the Czech Republic might be active from 1500 UTC on 3333 kHz on 31st of December 2008.

Details via 1. http://rbh.czechian.net/ .
Info via Martin Elbe on A-DX via Achim's blog

Although the station's website is in Czech, Google language tools can translate it from Czech into English (or whatever language you prefer).

I managed to log this station two years ago on 3333 kHz, but tried last year and nothing. So fingers crossed for this year.
(http://shortwavedx.blogspot.com/ )