Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mighty KBC Radio set for special Christmas broadcast

"Old Dutch Rocker" Eric van Willegen, who runs The Mighty KBC Radio, has hired a 100 kW
shortwave transmitter in Lithuania to blast 1960s rock’n’roll all over Europe this Christmas.
“Let the kids listen to their I-Pods” Eric insists “We’re running a real radio station playing
real 60s Rock’n’Roll for those of us used to twiddling with the knobs, and if there’s a bit of
hiss and whistle included, well that’s all part of the experience!”
The Mighty KBC Radio will be heard on Christmas and Boxing Day (25 and 26 December) from 1000-1530 UTC on 9770 kHz , and again at 2130-2230 UTC on 6055 kHz with tapes of the legendary Wolfman Jack Show. The full details are on www.kbcradio.eu.
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(Tom Taylor/R Netherlands Weblog)