Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Amateur radio transmission from Hoerby shortwave station


This is from a Swedish ham ...
The Swedish Shortwave broadcasting service shut down last Saturday.

This weekend a small group of SM-HAMS have gained access to the shortwave station. The aim is to try out the antenna farm on the ham-radio bands.

Today Friday we have separated the 500 KW transmitters from the antenna system and prepared for three ordinary Ham-rigs.

We will use the following antennas:
Logperiodic antenna:
This antenna will operate from 6 MHz and up.

We have access to four of this antenna in various directions

Its for 40 meter band. No antennas for 80 and 160 mb.

The shortwave station is located in Hoerby not far from my QTH. If everything works as we hope we will to start tomorrow Saturday at around 10.00 Z and continue to probably Sunday afternoon. Hope we can pick up some ZL on 40 mb.
Callsigns? We will probably our private calls or SK7DX.
Goran SM7DLK
(via Sven Dibbert-NOR?, via A-DX Nov 6) happened on Nov 5 til 7 ? wb.
(Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)
(QSL card of Radio Sweden antenna towers/Teak Publishing Archives)