Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Logs

Just received these logs from Danish Shortwave Club editor, Anker Petersen. We appreciate Anker and playdx2003.
Gayle Van Horn

This is what I heard the past few days here in Skovlunde where the winter is approaching tonight with snow and frost. My receiver is the usual AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire.

All times UTC *sign-on/ sign-off * // parallel frequency

4949.76, 2330-2340. Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos (presumed). Excited Portuguese talk. Very weak carrier, SINPO 15111. (AP-DNK)

5050, 2315-2340. Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning. Chinese announcement with frequent jingles, announced FM-channel, ID's: "BBR." Chinese opera music. SINPO 35333. (AP-DNK).

3931.07, 0208-0235. Radio Voice of Kurdistan, Sulaimaniya, No. Iraq. Kurdish talk and Iranian jamming. SINPO 42442 (AP-DNK)

3970.00, *0226-0233. Voice of Iranian Kurdistan, Salah A-Din, No. Iraq. Kurdish ID: "Era dengi kurdistani Irana" after trumpet interval signal. Jamming started on 3975 at 0230, but at 0231 jumped to 3970. SINPO 42442 // 4890 (AP-DNK)

4870, *0230-0240. Radio Voice of Kashmir, Kingsway, India. Kashmiri announcement. Songs, with strong CODAR interference. SINPO 21221. (AP-DNK)

4870, 1445-1510*. Radio Voice of Kashmir, Kingsway, India. Kashmiri talk, mentioning Copenhagen, Pashto, Sindhi, Pakistan, Indian song, 1507 ID: "Radio Sedayee Kashmir", abrupt sign off. (AP-DNK)

7245.00, 2320-2330. Radio Mauritanie, Nouakchott. Arabic songs and announcement. Here instead of 4845. SINPO 53443. Splashes from Voice of Russia in English (9+30 dB) (AP-DNK)

3200, *0255-0305. TWR, Mpangela Ranch. Interval signal to English religious conversation in programme No. 3024. Utility interferebce. SINPO 43433. (AP-DNK)

3240, *0255-0305, TWR, Mpangela Ranch. Interval signal to Shona announcement. African hymn. SINPO 45434. (AP-DNK)