Friday, November 26, 2010

Radio Netherlands Weekly Program Guide

Radio Netherlands Worldwide PROGRAMME PREVIEW Sunday 28 November - Friday 2 December

Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands Worldwide's English Service - a list of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands Worldwide this coming week, beginning on Saturday.

*** The State We're In ***

"The Kindness of Strangers"

Australian angel: For almost 50 years, Don Ritchie has lived across the street from Australia's most notorious suicide spot, known locally as "The Gap", near Sydney. From his bedroom window, Don can see people as they're considering jumping. So he walks over to them, and gently asks them if they'd like a cup of tea back at his home. To date, Don has saved at least 160 lives.

The unkindness of strangers: Sarah Wali has divided her life between the US and Egypt. When she moved there permanently, her family back in the US warned her: the harassment of women is unbearable. But Sarah made it her mission to live in Cairo.

Harass map: Rebecca Chiao helps harassed women fight back -- in a high tech way. Here's how it works: a woman gets harassed on the streets of Cairo. She then sends a text message to Rebecca's site,, describing where and how she was harassed. Her report then becomes a dot on the virtual map, allowing other women to avoid the troubled spots of the city.

Found and lost: Anik See once found a wallet lying in a snowbank in Calgary, Canada. She thought she'd do the right thing and return it to the nearest police station. But the police thought she'd stolen the wallet. Then they thought it was hers. It took her two days to sort the mess out.

No bull: Jonathan recently interviewed an ex-bullfighter, Alvaro Munera who now fights for animal rights. Listener Alexander Fiske-Harrison contacted us to make the case that bullfighting can be acceptable. He tells Jonathan what it was like getting into the ring with a bull and delivering the tiro de gracia himself.

*** Earth Beat ***
Marnie Chesterton and her team look at the footprint we're leaving on our planet

"Coping with the growth of megacities"

As world leaders gather in Cancun for another climate change summit, we look at the most pressing issues facing the world's biggest urban centres.

From air quality in Beijing, to traffic management in Delhi - we examine what life is like for the people who live there. And we ask what role megacities play in the drive to cut carbon emissions.

*** Africa in Progress ***

In their work, nurses throughout the world need to cope with realities they were not trained to deal with.

In this edition, a German nurse and anthropologist takes a cross-cultural look at nursing, following her fascinating work experience in an African hospital. During her stay, she asked many questions.

How are nurses influenced by tradition? How are they perceived by their patients and society? How do they deal with the challenges of modern medicine?

*** Network Europe Week ***

A collaboration by Europe's leading broadcasters

A pan-European team links up across the continent every day to provide a fresh perspective on events and life in Europe.

This week:
* Four years of pain - Ireland faces an uphill struggle
* German retreat - Conscription is ditched to save money
* Half a million for an imaginary asteroid! It's money for nothing and your virtual kicks for free
* Clarinets in Kinshasa - we hear from Congo´s symphony orchestra

*** Network Europe Extra ***

Arts and Culture brought to you each Sunday from Europe's widest partnership of international broadcasters.

This week: It's music, music and more music!

* Clarinets in Kinshasa: it's Congo's symphony orchestra
* The Right Bank: Poland's symphony orchestra gets a new home on the Vistula river
* And on the other Right Bank: move over Mona Lisa, the Louvre hosts soloists, too

Broadcast times on SW (UTC):
1530 South Asia 11835, 15745

***European Jazz Stage/World Music***

The South African band Bongo Maffin plays kwaito music, the party and dance music of the black youth from the townships. It is an urban sound in which house, rap, hiphop, reggae, gospel and R&B are mixed with different South African styles.

For decades, Oliver Mutkudzi with his backing group The Black Spirits has been one of Zimbabwe's most popular artists. You can hear a wonderful mixture of Zimbabwean and South African styles as well as Western pop in his dance grooves.

Hosted by Dheera Sujan.

*** Live! at the Concertgebouw ***

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra under its chief conductor, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, in the French-Spanish connection in music. With music by Ravel, De Falla and Debussy.
Hosted by Hans Haffmans.

*** Bridges with Africa***

Lively discussion and thought-provoking reports about and from the African continent

This week on Bridges With Africa...
* A highway through Tanzania's Serengeti wildlife reserve - good idea or not?
* Sex with AIDS - we report on World AIDS Day
* Pan-African music from Moroccan master Majid Bekkas

*** Commonwealth Story ***

Grandma makes meatballs, by Iona Massey from Australia.

An international food fest. Read by Federay Holmes.

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