Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shortwave Blog Bytes

All times UTC

Alaska's tallest structure demolished in explosion:
The end of the Loran mast. (Dave Thorpe, BrDXC-UK ng Nov 16)

BABCOCK/VTC expand sites
Via Ascension Island and United Kingdom
Despite what you might think there are improvements made even now.

At BAB Woofferton in the last five years we have two new multi-freq antennas erected covering five different bearings each and covering up to five freq bands each replacing two single band antennas on small slewable bearings. There have been four senders removed and replaced which are AM/AMC and DRM capable and thus still keeping 10 on site.

Many more satellite dishes have been installed and as such many more feeds available. The off-site sending of feeds has risen.

BAB Skelton has had one tx replaced by a AM AMC and DRM unit. BAB Ascension has had four txs replaced by new.

So we are not static or reducing!
(Dave Porter-UK, SW TXsite Nov 22)

China on 4220
Qinghai People's Broadcasting Station, at 2313-2340 UT fade out Nov 22. Mix of Tibetan talk by man and woman with some indigenous vocals and flutes. Poor to fair but rapidly fading at tune out. (Rich D'Angelo/FCDX-PA-USA DXplorer Nov 21/23

Honduras on 3250
Radio Luz y Vida, 0354-0357.* Nov 23. Male announcer with Spanish talk prior to closedown ID and announcements followed by orchestra national anthem. Fair.(Rich D'Angelo/FCDX-PA-USA DXplorer Nov 21/23)

Russia's Club DX program
Schedule of "Club DX" on the Voice of Russia. Now the program on air on the following schedule:
On Sundays and Tuesdays at 2247 UT 612, 630, 648, 693, 999, 1026, 1143,
1170, 1314, 1323, and 1431 kHz; on Thursdays at 1946 UT 648, 801, 1026,
1143, 1170, 1323, 1413, 1494, 1503, 5940, 6155, 7230, 7305, and 7325 kHz.
(Alexander Djadichev-RUS, open_dx, MIDXB Nov 23)
(excerpts from BCDX/BC-DX #991 Top News via wb, Germany)
(photo: courtesy VTC)