Sunday, November 28, 2010

December Specials from DX Stamp Service

Dear Customer,

Ever popular specials appear below.

Stamps on back order: Kuwait, Serbia, French Polynesia, PR China, South Africa, Mongolia.

Countries in stock again: El Salvador, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Luxembourg, Falklands.

New Prices: Macedonia now $2.40, Kazakhstan now $2.50 and Uzbekistan now $2.00

GOOD NEWS: Netherlands and Falkland Islands join the list of countries issuing "airmail letter/forever" stamps. I just have a few more Netherlands 95c stamps remaining and then I'll hit the new ones.

Airmail Letter/Forever stamps we stock: Aland, Belarus, Belgium, Falklands, Finland, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine. With these stamps, if postal rates increase, these forever stams will cover the new rate. They work just like our "forever" stamps, just on an international basis. Hopefully more will join this group in 2011.

73 and good dx,

William Plum
12 Glenn Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
908 788 1020
fax 908 782 2612


2 Sweden-$4.00 3 UK (Eng., Scot., Wales, N. Ire.)-$3.90 3 Germany-$8.25

2 Spain-$3.00 2 New Zealand-$3.20 2 Canada-$2.00 3 Japan-$3.60


200/200 European Air Mailers & Returns $35

200/200 Stateside Mailers & Returns $16

2 Standard QSL Albums $40

Shipping charges extra on supply specials

PRIORITY MAIL Shipping Rates for Supplies

Orders under $16.00 add $6.50, Orders from $16.00 to $40.00 add $9.00, Orders from $41.00 to $100.00 add $13.00, Orders from $101.00 to $150.00 add $18.00, orders over $150.00 add 12%. When ordering supplies AND stamps, use supply total to figure shipping costs. Stamps “ride free” when you order supplies. Shipments to Canada ship at a greater cost. (04/2008)