Wednesday, November 10, 2010

QSL Report Central

The following QSLs are contributions that were cut from earlier editions of my QSL Report column in Monitoring Times, for space constraints. Thank you for your contributions.
Gayle Van Horn

Free North Korea Radio, 7585 kHz. Verification letter and station gadgets. Received in 20 days for report to: P.O. Box 92, Mok-Dong, Yangcheon-Ga, Seoule 158 600, South Korea. Website: (Gigi Naj, Asti, Italy/playdx2003)

Radio Bar-Kulan via Meyerton, 9960 kHz. Verification letter, signed by Sikander Hoosen-HF Coverage Planning. Received in 72 days for report to: P.O. Box 234, Meyerton, SOuth Africa.(Luca Botto Fiora/playdx)

Radio Dialogue via Meyerton, 4895 kHz. Verification letter in 72 days signed by Bar-Kulan signer. CD MP3 report to address for Bar-Kulan. (Fiora).

RECH/VOTN, 6210 kHz. E-QSL in four days for report to . (Llorella)

Radio Mazda, 6280 kHz. Photos and report in five days for report to (Llorella)

Radio Saxonia, 6290 kHz. QSL in two weeks for report to (Llorella)

Geronimo Shortwave, 6210 kHz. E-QSL in three weeks for report to . Also received in seven weeks for 0report sent via post to: SRS Deutschland with $ 2.00 US.

Radio Star, 6400 kHz. E-QSL received in four days to report to (Roberto Pavanello/playdx2003)

Radio Netherlands relay via Kigali, 9895 kHz. Full data card A Dutch Morning, unsigned. Received in 15 days for an email report. (Kusalik).

Radio Netherlands, 15280 kHz. Indonedian service via Agingan Point transmitter. Full data Radio Nederland's World Wide Building QSL card with site notation.Received in 12 days. (Kusalik).

39 Dover Street program via IRRS, 9510 kHz, Received in one week for a report to . (Llorells)

South Africa
Radio Netherlands 12080 kHz, English to West Africa, via Meyerton. Full data Windmill on the River Gaasp card with site notation. Received in 12 days (Kusalik).

Radio Netherlands 11655 kHz, Spanish service to Latin America via Greenville, NC. A Dutch Morning card with site notation. Received in 15 days for a CD MP3 report. (Kusalik).