Friday, November 26, 2010

FRS Holland ready for Sunday broadcast

On the 28th November we will feature the period 1988- 1997. Mind you: the schedule is different from October's broadcast!
Here's the schedule:

08.52- 15.00 UTC 7600//5800 kHz
08.59- 11.00 UTC 6005 kHz
11.00- 15.00 UTC 5980 kHz

That means no silence on 6005 between 11.00-12.00 UTC but instead we continue for the remaining 4 hours on 5980 (with the same power!). In this way we avoid 6015 splatter in the afternoon hours. The November 28th broadcast will be again streamed between 14:52- 21:00 UTC/ 15:52- 22:00 CET via

The period 1998- 2010 will be featured in Part 3 and that won't take place in December but on Sunday January 16th 2011.

If you feel you want to be part of the celebrations with your personal FRS memories: you can still do so as we can include that in our January 2011 broadcast. For this final Anniversary broadcast we only accept contributions via mail. Of course we have special QSLs for the three based on the 80s, one on the 90s and one on the 00s. The three different QSLs together form the FRS 30th Anniversary QSL Series.

Hope to have your company next Sunday will be great fun November 28th 2010: 30 Years of FRS-Holland on SW!
73s, on behalf of the FRS staff (Peter V., Jan van Dijk, Paul Graham, Dave Scott, Brian & Bobby Speed)

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