Monday, November 01, 2010

Radio Uganda reluctant to move from amateur radio band

An Ugandan broadcaster is playing hardball and is refusing to leave the amateur radio only portion of 40 metres. This, even after notification from the government, Radio Uganda continues to operate on the amateur radio frequency of 7195 kHz.

Following notification by 5X1JM, the Uganda communications Commission informed Radio Uganda the broadcaster is not permitted to use the frequency within the amateur radio exclusive spectrum. So far, the station has continued to use the frequency and its believed that it may be some time before they move out.

Observers say that at least the point has been made and action initiated by Ugandan government telecommunications authorities against the now unauthorized use of the frequency.
Fred Scheepers, ZS1FCS, is requesting your participation in monitoring the 40 metre amateur band and report any intrusion by unauthorised stations to the SARL - IARU monitoring service by email to .

Please include as much information as possible such as time of operation, station identification and, if available, an mp3 recording of the station identification which can normally be heard on top of the hour and on the half hour.

The South African Radio League
(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India)