Friday, January 22, 2016

Blog Logs

All times UTC  // parallel frequency  * sign-on  - sign-off*

Radio Tirana 7465, 1835. Lady’s French news roundup into French rock/pop tunes. Text about Albania. French continues this frequency at 031-2100; English service 2100-2130 (Sunday-Friday). (Van Horn, NC/SDR-NL)

North Korea Reform Radio 7590, 1500-1530.* Announcer’s lengthy Korean text.  Station identification to address quote at 1528, followed by Asian musical bridge, lady’s station information to flute/piano music. Station sign-off at 1530 (Van Horn, NC)

Republic of Yemen Radio 11860, 1935-1942. Similar programming to earlier checks. Rapid conversational Arabic to responding lady. Signal fair as 322 SIO, targeted to Africa. (Van Horn, NC)

Radio Algerienne-Holy Quran 11985, 1850. Transmitter via Issoudun, France. Announcer’s Arabic text (SIO 232). Prayers into Arabic recitations to 1852. Additional Arabic text. Station is almost buried on three receivers, SDR check poor as well (Van Horn, NC)

VOIRI 11955, 1820-1904. French service sign-on identification. Newscast of national and international topics to 1842.  Text about Iraq to 1848. Intro to correspondent’s report, and questions.  Musical bridge 1853 to continued features. Hausa service audible from 1850 check on 12040 to Africa. Announcer’s text,  audio portions from a speech. ID routine 1902 into continued Hausa programming. Parallel frequency noted on SDR check NL-Twente. Scheduled for 1920 sign-off. (Van Horn)

Saudi Arabia
Radio Saudi-Holy Qur'an 11820, 1910+ (SIO 333) // 11915  (323) // 11930 (SIO 232). Announcer’s Arabic Qur’an at tune-in. Radio Saudi International’s Turkish service 9675, 1910 with news script. Programming targeted to the Middle East, 1900-2000 and 2000-2057 (Van Horn, NC)

Trans World Radio Africa 6130, 1818-1830. Station interval signal with English ID; “this is Trans World Radio Swaziland” (repeated three times between interval signals). Station sign-on identification at 1820 into  religious praise vocals. Announcement into religious sermon in presumed Chokwe service as indicated on current winter schedule. (Van Horn, NC/SDR-NL Twente)

Zanzibar BC 11735, 1905. Announcer’s Swahili news script at tune-in. Afro pop vocals from 1911, into station ID and African highlife vocals. DJ’s Swahili  chat and program items. Additional African hilife vocals. Local items to “let’s go!” (Van Horn, NC) Audible as early as 1645 on SDR on subsequent day. African French hip-hop, and pop vocals program. English news 1800-1810 on Thursday 1/21. Shifted back to Swahili at 1810 with news, ID’s and African highlife music program. ZBC broadcast ten minutes of English Sunday-Friday . Nice signal for 1920 recheck (Van Horn, NC)  

PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet 6130, 1507-1700. Monitoring via SDR-NL Tweente with Tibetan service. Station features, Chinese music selections and announcer friendly format. English service commencing at 1600 with “this is China – Holy Tibet Radio.” Station information including website , postal address, and information about station. Programming of travelogue specials, cultural items on Tibet, news about Tibet and interviews. “Welcome to Tibet” at 1628 into program as “Eye on Tibet.” Parallel 7385 audible, despite heavy co-channel interference. Monitored the next day via SDR on 7255, 6130, and 7385. English service from 1600 with “this is Holy Tibet Radio” identification with same sign-on routine. Tibet features, National People’s Conference, music programs and much more (Van Horn, NC/SDR-NL)

United States
WINB/Overcomer Ministry 9265, 1930. Brother Stair’s sermon and book offer with address information. No sign of his programming on WHRI 17520 // 17610, targeted to Africa. Audible on 11825 to North America via WRMI, no sign of // 15770. Programming continued with his usual format (Van Horn, NC)  

WRMI/Tru News 9395, 1935. Two pastor’s discuss end times, current affairs in the U.S. and Europe, as related to Bible prophecy. Signal good, 443. (Van Horn, NC)


Zambia NBC Radio One 5915, 1940- Two male’s exchange conversation in ethnic African language at tune-in. No discernible news format at 2000, as conversation continues. Did note a numbers quote and ID style mention at 2005. Signal decreased considerably (SIO 232) by 2035 recheck (Van Horn, NC/SDR NL-Twente)