Saturday, January 30, 2016

QOTW75 QSL of the Week: AWR New Caledonia

Back some twenty years ago, a few very fortunate international radio monitors were able to log the Adventist radio broadcasts from the RFO shortwave station located on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific.  These broadcasts were not under the jurisdiction of Adventist World Radio, though they were produced in a studio that was also producing programs for broadcast over the AWR shortwave network. 
            South American listener, Antonio Riberio do Motta of Sao Luiz do Paraitinga in Brazil, heard one of these broadcasts and he submitted his report to the AWR studio in Poona India, and he was issued a courtesy QSL card that was signed by the wife of the studio director, Violet Peterson.  The QSL card showed a green map of the world, and it verified the reception of the French language AWR studio programming via a 20 kW transmitter on 7170 kHz in Noumea New Caledonia on November 8, 1984.  A truly rare QSL card. 
(AWR-Wavescan/NWS 360)