Friday, January 08, 2016

Monitoring Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

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5005.00, Eqt Guinea, RTVGE R Bata  *0530, Dec 23, African pop song, repeating the following Format: two-three minutes of Spanish news followed with an African pop song (very nice music!), IDs for "Radio Nacional (de Guinea Equatorial?)", "Radio Nacional" and "Radio Bata", mostly poor. My audio at  (ID at 0:51. SINPO 34444. (Giroletti and Howard). 
Also heard 0535-0712, Dec 27 and 28, Jan 01, Spanish and African songs "6 de la mañana con 48 minutos en Radio Bata", greeting and answering listeners letters. "Felicitaciones al año nuevo, "La Radio Bata, la estación continental", "las 6 de la mañana con 56 minutos", at 0600  news in Spanish. Signal very clear in Spain like years ago, SINPO 24443, but at 0600 became very weak perhaps reducing power, 14221. (Bueschel and Méndez)
(DX Window 546)