Friday, January 08, 2016

Brazil's Radio Imaculada Conceição reactivates


All times UTC
4755, Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, MS. Station reactivated with program from Rede Milicia Sat, 2055, Dec 29. Female wishing a Happy New Year to all, she passes the phone number of the station, SINPO 34223. This station is very irregular on the tropical bands. Rede Milicia Sat communication belongs to Associação Milícia da Imaculada in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, where its administration is located. 
Until some time ago, João Bosco in Campo Grande, MS, was the only operator. Since then there was no one responsible for directing the station in that city.

(Wyllyans in HCDX/DX Window 546)