Monday, January 04, 2016

Monitoring Radio Panamericana

(Gayle Van Horn QSL COllection)
Radio Panamericana on 6105 kHz seems to have become a rarely heard station since July 2015. This coincides with the death of the founder Miguel Dueri Anton Maria on 30 July 2015 and the apparent relaunch of their website at: 

The coloured header of the site only mentions 96.1 MHz and 580 kHz while further down the short wave frequency is still included in a list which also mentions 106.3 MHz for the provinces. The site refers to a web stream at:
which did not start when checked.

Looking at the given schedule one might also note that the station closes two hours earlier in the weekend compared with the weekday schedule.

UTC schedule
10.00-03.00 Mo-Fr, incl. 12.25 and 15.30 Contacto con la VOA.
11.00-01.00 Sa Su

LT schedule, Mo-Fr (LT=UTC-4hrs)
06:00 Bolivia en canto
06:30 Buenos dias Bolivia
07:30 Panamericano Matinal
08:00 Ronda de Corresponsales
08:25 Contacto con la VOA
08:40 Panamericano Deportivo
09:00 Noticiero Solar
09:15 Microfono Abierto
11:30 Contacto con la VOA
12:20 Panamericano Deportivo
13:00 Panamericano Meridiano
13:30 Microncierto
14:00 Noticiero Solar (reprisse)
14:15 Surcos Bolivianos
15:30 Onda Panamericana
18:00 Voz Popular
19:00 Suavecito
20:00 Panamericano Nocturno
20:30 Hola Noche
23:00 Cierre

Sabado - Saturdays
07:00 Personalidades de la musica
07:30 Panamericano Matinal
08:00 Ronda de Corresponsales
08:30 Discoteca Panamericana
09:00 Noticiero Solar
09:10 Discoteca Panamericana
11:00 Especial de Solar
11:30 Contacto Internacional
12:00 Dialogo en Panamericana
14:00 Confidencias
14:30 Surcos Bolivianos
18:00 Un tiempo con Dios
20:00 Ronda de los exitos
21:00 Cierre

Domingo - Sundays
07:00 Manantial de Vida
08:00 Dialogo (reprisse)
10:00 Confidencias
10:30 Siempre en Domingo
13:00 El Panamericano Deportivo
18:00 Un tiempo con Dios (reprisse)
20:00 Concierto Dominical
21:00 Cierre

If the transmitter is broken or failing, it is unlikely that short wave will be given any investment before January 2017, because the station's licence is coming up for renewal and the station does not necessarily comply with Presidente Evo Morales' views.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)
(WWDXC/Top Nx 1234-2 Jan 2016)