Monday, January 25, 2016

Monitoring Wantok Radio Light

Logs edited for clarity

All times UTC

7324.96 Wantok Radio Light (presumed). Thanks very much to Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) for the alert that WRL has reactivated after being off the air for some time now; Jan 10 with several
openings with CRI off the air. 1257-1258 heard religious song; this opening is usually 1, 2 or 3 minutes long.

After 1357 (China  Radio Int'l sign off time) heard very weak signal clearly off frequency as usual; by 1413 UT had definite religious songs; 1418 tentative ID and back to religious music; 1424 UT CRI transmitter turned on covering WRL. Nice to have them back on the air again!

7324.94 Wantok Radio Light (presumed). Jan 11 was a repeat of yesterday's log; very poor/very weak, but able to make out the religious music; 1357-1402 UT announcers; 1402-1424 UT music. Thanks again to Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) for the alert, as he first heard them Jan 9
at 1411.

Mauno Ritola measured 7324.942 kHz, so slightly lower that when last on the air. This new slight change was also noted by Bryan Clark in New Zealand - "Heard fading in here around 0800 UT today [Jan 11] and quite readable by 0830. I'm thinking their frequency may be a little lower than when I last logged them?" and Mauno confirmed. (Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 10 / 11)
(BCDX2/Top nx 1237)