Friday, January 22, 2016

Hobart Radio International Weekend Schedule

If in Europe you've not been able to hear us this is your weekend! We're on multiple frequencies testing which one is the best. So we need you the listener to tell us!

We are on air this weekend 24-26/01/2016 (SW + FM):

Radio 700 7310 9h30UTC Sunday (Europe)
Radio 700 6005 11h30UTC Sunday (Europe)
Radio 700 3985 16h30 Sunday (Europe)
Radio 700 3985 21h00 Sunday (Europe)
WRMI 9955 4h30-5h00UTC Sundays (N.Am/S.Am/India)
WBCQ 5110 4h30-5h00UTC Mondays (N.Am) (In AM/CUSB)
World FM 88.2MHz 3h30UTC Thursdays (New Zealand)

Show No.2
In today’s musical journey we’re playing Techno, Gershwin, African traditional music and Spike Jones. Let’s begin our music journey and get in the zone. 

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Also available on live feeds via WBCQ, WRMI and Radio 700.

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