Friday, January 08, 2016

Monitoring the subcontinent


All times UTC / * sign-on - sign-off* // parallel frequency
Logs edited for clarity

All India Radio
4760, AIR Port Blair, *2353-0035, Dec 18 and 19. Readable signal for about 30 minutes before gray line passage killed the signal. Interverl signl to 2354, usual stringed/flute Hindi music. Woman announcer to 0001, then into local music with periodic woman announcer to 0025. Signal seems to peak around 0015-0020, very usable signal. Some occasional utility, morse code interference and heavy interference from Tajikistan on 4765. (Churchill). 
Also heard at 1630-1701*, Dec 30. I have monitored this frequency for a few days and no sign of AIR Leh. Most likely transmitter problems as I believe Leh was the one producing a lot of weird spurious signals ending at 1630. (Nilsson)

4800, AIR Hyderabad, 1633-1636, Dec 22, local song, SINPO 22332. (Mille)

4810, AIR Bhopal, 1657-1715, Dec 27, Hindi music. Interference from Yerevan on same frequency, 12221, // 5010. (Méndez)

4835, AIR Gangtok, *0104.5-0134, Dec 18, via DL0AO Perseus site in Germany using NE Beverage. Sign on instrumental music,, announcement to local music (instrumental and male singer), Talk at 0120 talk. Decent signal SINPO 33433 with interference from 4840. (Churchill). Also heard at 1515-1517, Dec 29, talk, SINPO 25331-2. (Mille)

4880, AIR Lucknow, 1615-1735, Dec 27, Hindi music, at 1730 news in English, 24322. (Méndez and Mille)

4895, AIR Kurseong, 1637-1710, Dec 22 and 26, Hindi music, SINPO 25332. (Méndez and Mille)

4910, AIR Jaipur, 1658-1720, Dec 26, Hindi music, SINPO 24322 // 4920. (Méndez)

4920, AIR Chennai, 1700-1730, Dec 26 and 29, Hindi music, SINPO 23332 // 4910. (Méndez and Mille)

4950 AIR Radio Kashmir, Srinagar (presumed), 0139-0216*, Dec 22. It has been a long time, since I caught their morning broadcast, had some faint audio, which is better than I hear for their evening programs about 1300, when all I hear is their open carrier, best of course in USB, due to Angola on the low side. (Howard)

4970, AIR Shillong, 1539-1541, Dec 29, talk, QRM morse-code, SINPO 23332. (Mille)

5010, AIR Thiruvananthapuram, 1535-1740*, Dec 10, 27 and 30, Jan 02, Hindi music, at 1730: "This is All India Radio." News in English, at 1735 comments in vernacular and close, SINPO 33333. (Giroletti, Méndez, Mille and Pankov)

17715, AIR Delhi, 0535-0556*, Su Dec 27, Speech by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi in the Broadcast to the Nation ”Mann Ki Baat” in Hindi and English, 0554 announcement by female, Indian song, closing announcement by female, weak signal SINPO 25322. Thanks to Jose Jacob. This was the only AIR frequency audible in Denmark at that time. (Petersen)

 (DX Window 546)