Thursday, January 26, 2012

DXing from an Australian perspective

Thanks to Bob Padula for sending in his monitoring observations.
Gayle VH

According to the Ionospheric Prediction Service, Sydney, solar activity on Jan 26 dropped to 126 (10.7 cm flux) and 79 (SSN). Predictions for Jan 28 are 120/72.

There is continuing excellent propagation into Melbourne in the 7 MHz band during our post sunrise period, with signal paths from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle dominant.

This band has become heavily congested during the window 1930 to 2000 UTC, and this is a summary of key occupancies observed in that time on January 26, 2012.

7200 SUDAN R, Omdurman
7205 IRAN VOIRI *1930 Russian
7210 ETHIOPIA R. Fana
7215 CHINA CRI Cantonese
7225 RUSSIA CRI-Moscow Turkish
" GERMANY RFE Lampertheim Russian
7230 RUSSIA VOR Moscow Russian
7235 GERMANY VOA Biblis *1930 Albanian
7245 CHINA CRI Russian
7255 CHINA CRI Turkish
7265 CRI Esperanto
7280 VIETNAM VOV French
7290 MOLDOVA R. Prednestrovye, Kishinev area, German
7295 MALAYSIA RTM Kajang English
7305 FRANCE CRI Issoudin Czech
7315 CHINA CRI Kashi Albanian
7320 RUSSIA R. Rossi, Magadan
7335 CHINA CRI Jinhua Portuguese
7345 ROMANIA RRI Macedonian *1930
7350 CHINA CRI Urumqi French
7360 ALBANIA CRI Cerrick French
7365 VATICAN VR Romanian to 1940
7375 CYPRUS BBC Arabic
7385 ALBANIA CRI Cerrick French
7395 CHINA CRI Kashi German
7405 CHINA CRI Xian Portuguese
7410 INDIA AIR English to 1945*
7425 MADAGASCAR RN English
7435 VATICAN VR Latin Mass *1940-2000*
7440 CHINA CRI Xian Romanian
7450 GREECE R. Macedonia, Greek
7480 SRI LANKA Iranawela English
7520 THAILAND R. Farda, Udon
7530 SRI LANKA RL Iranawela Tajik
7550 INDIA AIR English to 1945*
7530 SRI LANKA R. Farda, Iranawela
7540 RUSSIA R. Dengo Mesopotamia, Nikol. Kurdish

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula