Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monitoring India on shortwave radio

All times UTC

AIR/All India Radio

3945, AIR Gorakhpur, 1625-1628, Jan 15, talks, SINPO 15321. (Mille)

4747.6, Radio Kashmir, Leh, -1631*, Jan 10 and 11. Even after many weeks, still continues on this odd frequency instead of 4760. I could not get the proper audio at my location. (Jacob). On Jan 10, at 1330-1450, the stronger than usual open carrier, but as normal unable to confirm any audio due to adjacent QRM from Bangladesh Betar and CNR1 mixing together on 4750. It is of some comfort to learn that even at your location in India, you do not have the best of audio from them. (Howard). It was not heard on 4747.6 Jan 17 evening or Jan 18 morning. However some suspected carrier was noted by Victor Goonetilleke and myself drifting up and down near 4720 around 1615 to past 1630, Jan 17. I have spoken to the Station Engineer at Radio Kashmir, Leh Jan, 18 and informed him of 4760 frequency variation problem. He told me, that his SW transmitter is having problems and they are attending to it. E-mail is not working well there. He also informed, that it is heavily snowing there now with maximum temperature Minus 16 degrees Centigrade! (Jacob)

4775, AIR Imphal. Regarding my logging at 0000-0040, Dec 24, in DX-Window no. 444. (Petersen). It is test that you heard. That station is heard often testing on SW around 0000 just before normal transmission starts. Many AIR stations are also similarily noted testing like that on MW before start of normal transmissions in the morning. Some of them are tests of standby transmitter. On SW I have observed only 4775 like that. (Jacob)

4820.86, AIR Kolkata, 1415-1440, Jan 15, Bengali (presumed) talk, best in USB due to interference from Xizang PBS 4820, 33443. (Petersen and Savolainen)

4840.01, AIR Mumbai, 0018-0030, Jan 23, Indian music. Weak. WWCR 3 is not up yet? Maybe their gone? (Bolland)

4910, AIR Jaipur, 1641-1643, Jan 17, talks, SINPO 25332. (Mille)

5010, AIR Thiruvananthapuram, 0035-0056, Jan 20. English news concluding with report of the Australian Open in tennis, 0040 into Malayalam with mix of talk and music, 0055 some type of promotional ann with fanfares, 0056 possibly news headlines, but fading badly now. Occasional QRM from possibly fisherman speaking in Spanish. Poor. Jan 20. Next evening, Jan 21, I was listening for their 0020 sign on and English news at 0035. Although a carrier was detectable at 0035, it was not until 0045 that the signal rose out of the noise. Malayalam vocals until 0057 when a man spoke. Very poor. (Sellers). Also heard at 1645-1648, Jan 17, talk, 34343 (Mille)
(DX WIndow 446)