Friday, January 13, 2012

QSL Report Central

AustraliaVMC Charleville Meteo, Charleville QLD, 16546 USB. Full data logo/flaEe-QSL in two days for an email English report. Thanks for Alokesh Gupta for pointing me to the correct person to send the reports to! You can send yours to Mr. Navin Chandran, Navin informs me that the previous QSL Manager, Mike Dalakis, has retired and he has assumed Mike's duties. (Al Muick, PA)

Radio Mada International, 15670 kHz. E-QSL from Christian Lehmann. Received in 45 days for E-report to (T Banks, TX)

3AC Monaco Radio, 8728 kHz. Date only notation on QSL sheet (photo and letter). Received in 11 days for two IRCs and English airmail report. QSL is in French with a short thank you in English. (Muick)

French Guyana
Radio Taiwan relay, 9840 kHz. Full data Taiwan skyline card, unsigned. Received in 38 days for English report. (Banks).

NHK/Radio Japan 15445 kHz relay via Wertachtal, Germany to the Middle East. Full data Kochi Prefecture QSL card with transmitter site notation. Also received a program schedule and a blank reception report from. Received in 38 days. (Edward Kusalik, Alberta, Canada)

Radio Farda 7280 kHz. Full data RFE/RL card in 139 days from Prague address. (Frank Hillton, SC)

North Marianas Island
Radio Free Asia 7390 kHz via IBB/Voice of America Tinian transmitter site. Full data card with site notation for special RFA/Hamfest 2011 Tokyo Japan QSL card. Received in 29 dayd=s for an email report. (Kusalik)

Overcomer Ministry program 15610 kHz via Trganeshti transmitter. Partial data QSL card (date, frequency, trasmitter) card of multi-scenes, signed by Bro. Stair. Verification letter and schedule included. Received in 14 daayas for a postal report to Wasterboro, South Carolina address.

St. Petersburg Regional Center, 6135 kHz. Full data commemorative QSL card in 13 days for English email report on Spanish Vof Russia program, signed by Mikhail
Timofeyev. Also sent very beautiful 10th anniversary pennant which will hang proudly on my wall. Truly a beautiful card showing the beauty of the St. Petersburg area and broadcast tower. (Muick)

United Arab Emirates
Polish Radio Warsaw relay via Abu Dhabi 9650 kHz. Verification letter from Slawek Szefs. Received in 56 days for letter to Warsaw address. (Hillton)