Friday, November 14, 2014

Amateur Radio Special Castle Events

Le Château Bivort  (
November 15-16
WCA pedition of LZ2OQV/P to Royal Palace. Georgi LZ2OQV/1 will be active on from Royal Palace, WCA : LZ-00019. He plans to work as LZ2OQV/P on 20 meters CW/SSB and possible on 17, 15 and 10 meters. QSL via Home Call, bureau or direct. 73 & 11! [tnx info LZ2OQV].

November 16
WCA & BCA pedition of ON7ZC/P and ON4BZ/P to Le Château Bivort.  Pierre ON7ZC and Michel ON4BZ will be active from Chateau Bivort, WCA: ON-00464, BCA: HT-107. They plan to work as ON7ZC/P and ON4BZ/P from 08:00 UTC on 7.131 and 14.251 only SSB. For Special QSL instruction please visit on ON7ZC - QRZ.COM. 73 & 11! [tnx info ON7ZC].

WCA Pedition of YT2KID/P to Lazarev Citadel. Dragan YT2KID will be active from Lazarev Citadel, WCA: YU-00008, on the occasion of 666 years since the founding of the guards spear knights SV.Djorda which was established in 1348 year . He plans to work as YT2KID/P on 40 (7.151), 20 (14.251) and 17 (18.130) meters band. QSL via Home Call, bureau or direct. 73 & 11! [tnx info YT2KID].