Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The question is ....will WHRI ever QSL or not ?

My esteemed colleague Robert Ross in London, Ontario posted this....

21600 WHRI Cypress Creek, South Carolina Nov/15/14. 1740 UTC English service. Male
announcer spoke at 1740 UTC. Gave an address for the show being aired. Gospel Music. Website address given as "". Mentioned you can send for a QSL!!! "World Harvest Radio" ID @ 1745 UTC. Into Gospel Music. 

(Ross, ON, Canada)

So I have posted this comment.................

How WHRI responses to their QSL requests ………….

On every broadcast, you will hear the request to send your reception reports to their address in Indiana.Like others I have over the years and I have  got a fairly good response, but the last two plus years has been a dilemma.

Having heard the following stations, Radio Australia, Voice of Vietnam, Khmer Post Radio plus two others, I proceeded to send my reports via regular mail ( no e-mails) to their Indiana address. Hearing nothing after several plus months, sent follow-ups and series of follow-ups and  finally sort of
gave up. This was a two year period..............

Now,  I am not a person who gives up I was able to make contact with person there in the accounting department ( of WHRI) , who in turn, told me to send my reports directly to him and he would get them verified. He saw my dilemma and assured me that he would help me. Which I did directly to him via mail.

After about six weeks and hearing nothing, I called him, and he told me that the verification cards where sent out and then returned due to insufficient address..gee..I was 100 % positive that all my reports and cover letter had my mailing address posted.I checked my local post office and they told me (I have no doubts) that they never return mail and even if it just a name and town it would get to me….and yes, I have gotten mail in the past with just kodos to Canada Post.

Okay, now what….so I e-mailed my reports to this person and asked him again to verify and asked him just to sign a prepared verification .pdf QSL and e-mail back to me.

That’s all…nothing more....

Heard nothing back ( after about three weeks or so) , so being somewhat ‘ticked off’” ( which takes quite a bit to do) I wrote this person a rather pointed letter saying“ why ask for reception reports in your broadcasts..yet you folks at WHRI fail to response to verifications….”Seemed it was somewhat one sided? …

I did mention the fact he went out his way for his help but I was disappointed that I could not get closure to this. Never heard back nothing or a response to my correspondences. Did I point out their failure to reply to verification requests?

So that’s it…in all my years of DX’ing I have never run across a situation as this…so one for the history books….

If one of these days I have the opportunity to travel down through that area of Indiana, I will make it a point to visit WHRI and address this ……mmmmm wonder if I will get by the chain-link fence and the guard towers?

Edward Kusalik
Daysland,Alberta  Canada

DX'er since 1965

(playdx 19 Nov)