Friday, November 07, 2014

Radio Waves International special November broadcast

Dear listeners
We will celebrate during all this month of November 2014 our 31st birthday. Operation this year will be with our low power transmitters around 20 watts on several bands 48 , 41 & 26 meter band, with a special QSL on each band ,if you reach all bands an another QSL will be setup for you as GOLD QSL.

Next weekend we wil operate on 41 & 26 meter band from Saturday to November 11.

We invite you to keep listenning.
Please - no IRC or U.s. currency for a reply.
Email correspondence are welcome at

Have a nice month of listening

Without listeners like you a radio couldn't exist after 31 years

73's the terrible twins
Philippe & Peter Hills

Radio Waves International
since 1983 on shortwaves
30 years on the airwaves
with 20 year of country music

Radio Waves International
Boite Postal 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex