Monday, November 10, 2014

Special QSL: Letter from "Home" Voice of Mongolia

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Honhor, Mongolia

For our unique QSL this week, we feature a very special QSL that was received by Mrs. Dr. Carolyn Lysandrou, amateur callsign KC9URR, who now lives in Bloomington, Indiana.  Some years ago, Dr. Lysandrou was living in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia where she spent some time. 
            Here in the United States two years ago, she endeavored on several occasions to tune in to the shortwave service of the Voice of Mongolia, and then on September 14 (2012) she was finally successful in tuning their signal on 12085 kHz.  This 250 kW shortwave transmitter is located at Honhor, a few miles south east from the national capital Ulaan Baatar.  
            Her reception report was verified by a friendly letter in English from Uyanga Ganchangaa together with a QSL card; that is, a tourist picture postcard with the QSL text handwritten on the reverse side.      

            Mrs. Carolyn states that she spent many days trying to hear the station, and that it was so nice to receive such a wonderful personal letter referring to the area where she used to live in Ulaan Baatar.  With a nostalgic comment, Carolyn Lysandrou concludes by saying: I miss Mongolia.
(AWR-Wavescan/NWS 297 via Adrian Peterson)