Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Radio Mi Amigo slated for Saturday broadcast

For all friends of independent Radio:

Now our new transmitter finally seems to work with an output of more than 10 kW,
and we got a lot of good reports for indoor reception with portable radios and
telescopic antennas, as well as reception with car radio, from all over Europe.

Please notice, that you can rent airtime for only 15€ an hour for occasional broadcasts;
for broadcasts on a regular basis, please ask for conditions.
Remember that some hours, especially during the weekends, may be booked quickly!

Radio Mi Amigo will be on air next Saturday; they will be glad for reports.

We plan to be on air from Dec. 31st, later in the afternoon, for a longer period of time,
to make some final tests and checking the new security equipment that shuts down the
transmitter in cases of emergency.
Again we ask for your reports how you can receive us, and how you evaluate quality of our
modulation - thank you in advance.
(Tom Taylor)