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QSL Report: January 2015

QSL Report - January 2015

A.J. Janitschek sends in information that Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our Year of the Ram QSL card. The Year of the Ram begins on February 19, 2015, and ends on February 7, 2016. It is also called the Year of the Goat, or Year of the Sheep. Those born in the Year of the Ram are said to be passive, artistic, sensitive, kind, mild-mannered, and sympathetic. Rams enjoy being part of a group but avoid being the center of attention.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries and by many cultures in many ways. For example, parades featuring large and vibrantly colored papier-mâché dragons and parties are quite common. Many families set out a tray to provide guests with an assortment of dried fruits and candies for a sweet start to the new year. Drums are also played, sometimes with red drumsticks, to celebrate the season as a time of renewed hope. No New Year celebration would be complete without firecrackers to ward off evil spirits. Red envelopes (hong bao) with money inside are handed out to children and loved ones too.

This is RFA’s 56th QSL design and is used to confirm all valid RFA reception reports from January-April 2015.

RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at http://techweb.rfa.org (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX’ers, but also from its general listening audience.

Reception reports are also accepted by email at qsl@rfa.org and by mail to:
Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
United States of America

Teak Publishing would also like to thank Roberto Pavanello and playdx for contributions and listings of European free radio addresses. Your contributions are always welcome - whether as a scanned QSL card or sticker, address updates or your complete verification information. Please send your contributions to w4gvh (at) frontier. com

Amateur Radio
Bonaire-PJ4/G3TXF, IOTA: SA-006, 20 MHz RTTY. Full data color card of 90 foot tower display, initialed by operator. QSL via G3TXF in three months. For more information on DXpeditions, go to www.g3txf.com (Larry Van Horn N5FPW)

ZC4MIS QSL (Larry Van Horn N5FPW)

Cyprus-(United Kingdom Sovereign Area) ZC4MIS, 14 MHz-JT65. Full data color coastal scenery card, signed by Mike Sangria KF6RCP Operator. Received in five months via AG6IP-Manager. (Van Horn)

Germany-DH2OAC, JT65. Full data color scenery card, signed by Lothar Pawlowsky. Received via ARRL bureau (Van Horn). DL2KUF. 24.918 MHz. Full data photo card of flock of ducks, signed by Ralf Sommerfeld. Received via ARRL bureau (Van Horn).

Moldova-ER7HQ, 14 MH/CW. Full data Moldovan flag card of Asociatia Radioamatorilor Din Moldova, signed by Alexei, Operator. Received via ARRL bureau (Van Horn). ER4DX, 14 MHz. Full data color card of antenna array/receiver and operator, signed by Vasily Romanyuk, Operator. Received via ARRL bureau (Van Horn).

Tristan du Cunha, ZD9XF, AF-0Z9 South Atlantic, IOTA: AI-029, Grid: IF32UW. 12 MHz/CW. Full data color scenery/helicopter landing site, unsigned. Card noted, "helicopter is used to land passengers on Tristan da Cunha from the SA Agulhas II." Received in six weeks via OQRS. Operator,  Nigel G3TXF.  (Van Horn) exceptional catch !

Radio Habana Cuba, 6165 kHz. Full data color scenery card of harbor, unsigned. Received in 75 days for report to: infohc@enet.cu. Station address: Apartado 6240, La Habana 10600 Cuba. Streaming audio www.radiohc.cu (Frank Hillton, SC)

All India Radio QSL (Gayle Van Horn Collection)
All India Radio, 11740 Panaji (Goa) 11670 (Bangalore). Full data color hand-drawn map of Qutb Complex in New Delhi, stamped and signed with initials. Received in 122 days for program details posted at online report form. Email to: spectrum-manager@air.org.in (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

Radio Caroline via IRRS-Milano, 7290 kHz. No data Special 50th Anniversary card for Radio Caroline, signed by Stephen Jones. Received in 231 days for program details to: reports@nexus.org (Antonio Madrid, Barcelona, Spain/playdx)

Radio Kuwait, 15540. Full data QSL certificate, signed by  Khaled Al-Ali, Asst. Under Secretary of Engineering Affairs. Follow-up on previous program details to: kwtfreq@media.gov.kw (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona, Spain/playdx)

Mariana Islands
Radio Free Asia, 15425 kHz via Tinian. Full data scenery QSL card of QSL of IBB's Iranawila relay station. Received in 21 days for program details and audio clip to: qsl@rfa.org (Martínez)

Medium Wave
Czech Republic-Radio Dechovka, 1233 AM kHz. Full data E-QSL/PDF from Jan Pusova, CEO. Received in two days. Report details to: pusova@radiophaha.cz (Dmitry Mezin-RUS, "open_dx" via RUSdx)

Ireland-RTÉ 252 AM kHz. Full data E-QSL. Received in 90 days for program details to: hearus@rte.ie (Martínez)

Italy-Radio Base 101, 1325 AM kHz. Verification via email from Davide Pase, Technical/Chief Engineer. Received 61 days after email follow-up to info@radiobase101.it Station website: www.radiobase101.it/ (Roberto Pavanello/playdx)

Italy-Radio Activity, 1395 AM kHz.  Full data E-QSL. Received in 23 minutes for program details to: radioactivity1395@libero.it (Stefano Valianti, Bologna, Italy/playdx)

FEBA, 12095 kHz. Full data FEBA Radio International-"the Sound Alternative Monkey-Eating Eagle." Received in 300 days with a cover letter from Norita P. Esytabillo, Shortwave Operations-Program Support Supervisor. QSL address: P.O. Box 205, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines (Rich D'Angelo, PA/NASWA).

South Africa
RTÉ, 5820 kHz via Meyerton relay. Full data two-page color scenery pages of Ireland E-QSL. Received in one day for program details to: info@rte.ie (Van Horn)

Radio Taiwan International, 11665 kHz. Full data antennas card including site notation for test broadcast via Tamsui. 11665 kHz. Card was in German, the language of the broadcast. Received in three weeks. Also included a ferris wheel fireworks card. Station address: 55 Pei An Road, Taipei, Taiwan (or) P.O. Box 123-199, Taiwan. Email: rti2rti.org.tw Website: www.rti.org.tw (Wendel Craighead, KS)  

Voice of Turkey, 15450 kHz. Full data Travel Around the World card, unsigned. Received in 56 days. Station address: P.O. Box 333, Yenisehir, Ankara 06443, Turkey. Streaming audio www.trt-world.com (Rod Pearson, FL)

United States
Radio Ukraine International relay via Okeechobee, Florida 11580 kHz. Full data Marinskyi 18th Century Castle card. Received in 32 days. (D'Angelo)

Canada-VAJ, Prince Rupert MCTS (Marine Coastal Station) 2054 kHz. Email confirmation from Tyee Cunningham, Watch Supervisor. Received in one day for e-report to: dfo@mpo.gc.ca (Bruce Portzer, WA/UDXF)

Canada-VFF Iqaluit MCTS (Canadian Coast Guard) 8416.5 kHz. Full data verification letter and QSL card signed by Jean Pierre Lehnert, Officer in Charge. Magnetic cards included, 50th Anniversary pennant and brochure of the navtex transmission notation enclosed. QSL address: MCTS Iqaluit, P.O. Box 189, Iqaluit NU X0A 0H0 Canada (Francesco, Italy/UDXF)

Czech Republic-Czech Republic-270 kHz Topolna longwave broadcasting facility. Station QSL card with map of Europe and sketch of two masts, plus certified jubilee stamp. Received in 61 days for report and one IRC. QSL address: Transmitter Station Topolna, Oblast Jizni Morava RKS AM1 - Topolna, 687 11, Topolna, Czech Republic (Mezin)

Denmark-Kalunborg Radio LW 243 kHz. Verification letter, signed by Mr. Jens Chr. Seeberg, System Specialist-Telecom A/S. QSL address: Banestroeget 19-21, DK 2630 Taastrup, Denmark (Piotr Skorek-POL, RUSdx)
Nx 1191/06 Jan)

French Polynesia-FUM, Papeete (French Naval Station) 8625 kHz. Attractive folder card with handwritten date/time and French confirmation. Veri-signer as M.P. Millet. Received in 61 days for French utility report. QSL address: DIRISH, Le chef des stations HF, Boite Postal 9462, 98715 Papeete CMP, Polynesie Francaise. Noted that return Boite Postal listed as 9420 (Porter).

Ireland-SS Peter & Paul Church Bruff, Co. Limerick 27601 kHz. Prepared QSL card, signed by Fr. John Daly and stamped. Received in five days. QSL address: Parish House, Bruff, Co. Limerick, Ireland (Patrick Robic, Austria/UDXF)
Ireland-St. Mary's Church Sandyford, 27825 kHz. No data email from Olive Treacy, Parish Secretary. Received in three days for email to: office@sandyfordparish.org (Robic).
Ireland-St. Fintan's Church Mountrath, 27601 kHz. Partial data email from Fr. Jor Brody. Received in four days and promising to return my prepared QSL card. QSL address: Parish House, Mountrath, Co. Laois, Ireland (Robic).
Ireland-St. Attracta's Oratory Meadowbrook, 27771 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card signed and stamped. QSL address: Parish House, Meadowbrook, Dublin 16, Ireland (Robic).
Ireland-St. Brigid's Church Laragh, 27751 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card verified. Received in 14 days. QSL address: Parish House, Laragh, Stradone, CO. Cavan, Ireland (Robic).
Ireland-St. John the Baptist Church Gusserane, 27285 kHz. No-data letter signed by Fr. Sean Laffan and stamped. Received in ten days. QSL address: Parachial House, Gusserane, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland. (Robic)

Japan-JFM Muroto Fishery Radio, 6363.5 kHz. One KW station with nice full-data verification from Naoto Uehara. Two pages of station info including the receiving and transmitter building, plus radio consoles, and Guide map of the Muroto Global Geopark. Received in two months for a CD report and $ 2.00 US. QSL address: Kochi-ken Musen Gyogyo Kyodo Kumiai, Aza Furushiro 2318, Muroto, Kochi 781-7102, Japan (Martin Foltz, CA/UDXF)

New Zealand-ARINC HFDL (Aeronautical Station) 6535 kHz. E-mail confirmation from Airways New Zealand (ARINC HFDL partner) from Tim Halpin. Received in nine days for e-report to: tim.halpin@airways.co.nz (Porter).

Russia-Krasnodar Aero "Tyurik." 5568 kHz. Prepared QSL card returned with signature and stamped. Received in 75 days. QSL address: GKOVD Aeronavigatsiya Yuga, Kubanskiy Centr OVD, ul. 1 Maya 75, 350912 Krasnodar, Russia (Robic).

Taiwan-XSX-Keelung Radio (Marine Coastal Station) 6312 kHz. Attractive E-QSL from Janet Kuo, Director. Received in one day for e-report to: zz224910@cht.com.tw. Verification notes that broadcast was "the first day of testing for Keelung Radio's new upgraded system." (Porter).

United Kingdom-St. Joseph's Dunloy 27731 kHz. No data QSL card, prepared QSL card signed by Fr. Aidan Brankin. Received in 21 days. QSL address: Parish of Dunloy & Cloughmills, 14 Presbytery Lane, Dunloy, Ballymena, Co. Antrim BT44 9DZ, UK (Robic).

United States-KXV431 Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications, 33800 kHz. Partial data E-QSL from John DonFrancisco, Administration Manager. Received in 17 minutes for program details to:  qvec@sbcglobal.net (Robic)

Vietnam- (Marine Coastal Station) 12577 kHz. Full date e-mail reply, received in one day. Station also attached four screenshots for software called GMDSSWIN, which is apparently used to generate  GMDSS/DSC messages. Report details to: hphong_radio@vishipel.com.vn (Porter).

Vietnam-XVS-Ho Chi Minh Radio, 12577 kHz. Brief email reply fifteen days after a follow up report. My prepared form letter was copied as part of the reply for my follow up email to: Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of Hochiminh Radio. My first report was via email, the follow up sent via postal mail. QSL address: VISHIPEL, Ho Chi Minh Radio, 432-436 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Phuong 18, Quan 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Foltz)

Utility/Ship Traffic
Ship addresses may be obtained by a MMSI search at: www.google.com

DBAS-Seenotkreuzer Bremen (de.academic.ru)
DBAS-Seenotkreuzer Bremen (Sea Rescue ship) 8773 kHz. Prepared QSL card returned with signature and stamped. Received in seven days. QSL address: DGzRS Station Fehmarn-Großenbrode, Seenotkreuzer Bremen, Am Kai 27, 23775 Großenbrode, Germany (Robic). The Bremen is a Seenotkreuzer, the 27.5-m-class of the German Society for Sea Rescue Service (GMRS). The ship was built in 1993 by the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen-Vegesack shipyard. The Bremen is like her sister ship Arkona with 28.25 meters longer than that for the naming of the 27.5-meter class relevant earlier units of this class.

EIGB-Celtic Explorer (Research vessel) DSC (digital selective calling 2187,5 kHz MMSI 250487000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter. Received in 46 days (Andy Ibold, Alpen, Germany/UDXF)

LDRG-Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Sailing vessel) DSC 2187,5 kHz MMSI 258113000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter. Received in 15 days. Ship position; North Atlantic (Ibold)

LDRH-Normand Prosper (Anchor Handling Supply) DSC 2187,5 kHz MMSI 257463000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter, plus info sheet on the ship. Received in 49 days. Ship position: close to Ramform Banff FSPO (Ibold).

LNOQ-Engergy Lord (Offshore Supply vessel) DSC 2187,5 kHz MMSI 257298000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter, and personal letter. Received in 72 days (Ibold).

MHWW8-Arco Beck (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge) DSC 2187,5 kHz. MMSI 232000570. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter and copy of DSC log. Received in 22 days. Ship position; North Atlantic. Saw this sailing vessel during a shhort holiday stay in Bergen, Norway in 2014 (Ibold).

ORQW-Contrutor (Supply vessel) DSC 2187,5 kHz. MMSI 205599000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter. Received in 99 days. (Ibold).

OZ2083-Stril Mariner (Supply vessel) DSC 2187,5 kHz MMSI 231295000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter. Received in 19 days. Ship's position was Ula-Gyda Oilfield-Northsea (Ibold).

Siem Daya (shipspotting.com)
5BZQ3-Siem Daya (Multi Supply Vessel) DSC 2187,5 kHz. MMSI 212253000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter. Received in 19 days after follow-up report. Ship position; Statsoil Field, Asgard. (Ibold)

ORQA-Victor Horta (Dredger) DSC 8414,5 kHz. MMSI 205604000. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter. Received in 19 days (Ibold).

PCMK-M/V Vestanhav (General Cargo) DSC, 2187,5 kHz. MMSI 246279000. Full data prepared verification letter, signed by Master Robert Irek. Brochures, two mouse pads, personal letter and bilingual document about ship's radio equipment. Received in 18 days from Management Facilities Group, Postbus 121, 9930 AC Delfzijl, The Netherlands(Patrice, France/UDXF)

SPS2396-Uran (Tug) DSC, MMSI 2619000, MMSI 261269000, 8414, 5 kHz. Full data prepared verification letter, personal letter and large 2015 calendar. First reply came via email-asking if my P.O. Box was large enough to fit a very large calendar. (Ibold).

UATM-Atlet 4 (Crane ship) DSC, 2187, 5 kHz MMSI 273417700. Full data prepared verification letter and ship photo. Received in 107 days. (Ibold).

United States

Martí QSL 
Radio Martí, 7405 kHz via Greenville. Spanish program with MFSK16 test.  Reception report with audio clip sent to info@martinoticias.com with c.c. to radiogram@voanews.com. E-QSL received in seven days from VOA Radiogram's producer Kim Andrew Elliot. No reply from Radio Martí (Martínez).

Voice of Vietnam relay via WHRI, 6175 kHz. Full data QSL, program guide and postcard for Spanish programming. Received in 65 days for program details and audio clip to: vovmundo@gmail.com (Martínez).


AM, Euro Free Radio, SW Address, Email and Veri Signer

Belarus-R Belarus, 4 Krasnaya Str., 220807 Minsk, Belarus
Bhutan-Bhutan Broadcasting Service radio@bbs.com.bt Kaka Tshering, BBS Gen. Manager
Bolivia-R Eco gonzaloco@hotmail.com 
Brazil-R Aparecia, Antonio Celso Pinelli, Gerente Operacional de Radio, pinelli@radioaparecida.com.br. Getulio Vargas 185, Caixa Postal 02, CEP-12570-970, Aparecida, SP, Brasil
Clandestine-R Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (France) info@eysc.net
European News Network  contact@news-network.eu
R Europe  radioeurope@iol.it

Free Radio

Albatros R (Netherlands) albatros1512@hotmail.nl 
Blueman R (Germany) bluemanradio@hotmail.de
FRS Holland (Netherlands) frs@frsholland.nl
Laser Hot Hits  studio@laserhothits.co.uk 
Magic AM magicamradio@gmail.com 
Mustang R (Netherlands) mustangradio@live.nl 
R ACDC  radioacdc@gmail.com 
R Adelaar derodeadelaar@gmail.com 
R Alice  radioalice@hotmail.com
R Mi Amigo info@radioamiamigo.es 
R Arcadia  arkadiawaves@gmail.com  
R Asena  aseye.asena@gmail.com 
R Atlantic 2000 atlantic2000international@gmail.com
R Europe (Italy)radioeurope@iol.it  
R Enterprise enterpriseradio@hotmail.com
R Focus Int'l  focus@live.co.uk 
R Goudenster  sunnyradio1@hotmail.com 
R Matrix stationmatrix@hotmail.com 
R Mistletoe radiomistletoe@live.com 
R Montferland Montferlande@hotmail.com
R North Pole (Netherlands) radio.northpole@planet.nl
R Odynn  shortwaveman@gmail.com 
R Pink Panther  pinkpanther@hotmail.com
R Samurai radiosamurai2014@gmail.com 
R Scotland  radioscotland@hotmail.com 
R Skyline Int'l skylinehorizon221@hotmail.com 
R Sterrekijker  radiosterrekijker@hotmail.com 
R Technicial Man (Netherlands) technicalman@hotmail.nl
R Telstar (Netherlands) dutchradio48@hotmail.com
R Tower (Netherlands) radiotower@home.nl
R Waves Int'l (France) rwaves@free.fr
R Witte Tornado (Netherlands) wittetornado@ziggo.nl
Tip & Elvis Show t.eshow@hotmail.com