Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Radio Revival Sweden plans frequency testing in mid-January

Special thanks to Ronny Forslund for updating our readers on their upcoming testing on shortwave radio. For additional information, stay tuned to the Shortwave Central and Radio Revival blogs.

Update from the Sala transmitter site in Sweden:

In addition to the usual channels 3950 and 6065 kHz we have registered the following frequencies:

3970, 3980, 6035, 9815, 9875, 11745 and 11755 kHz.

We will be testing the other frequencies by mid-January. If you would like to book airtime during these tests, please contact Ronny at info (at) rock.x.se as soon as possible. For those wanting to reach the British Isles with a good signal, the 31 metre band is a good alternative.

We have two transmitters: one 5 kW rig which can broadcast in AM (carrier + both sidebands) and a 10 kW transmitter which can use A3H mode (LSB + carrier) or SSB. The 5 kW transmitter is primarily used in the 75 metre band.
(Ronny Forslund)
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